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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Flow coat for furniture finishing

Sometimes we need to apply top coat some layer. To keep the finishing is not too thick, and make the film resulting is smooth and even, for it is better to use flow coat as the final coat. Flow coat is actually the same material with top coat but designed to give better flow. Flow coat is top coat added with little thinner to low the viscosity. We can add lacquer retarder if necessary to make it slower dry. The thinner top coat will have lower viscosity and make it is easier to be sprayed evenly. The better flow will make even finishing surface and avoid the orange peel and other film problem. Flow coat is also easier in application since it is not heavy as top coat. The slower dry will help to reduce the dust spray especially when we finish big furniture such as cabinet or dining table with wide surface. Flow coat can also be used for revise when the surface was still not perfect such as: a rough surface, gloss is not right, spray line, or other things.


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