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Friday, March 18, 2011

IFFINA (International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia)

IFFINA (International Furniture and Craft Fair Indonesia) is the biggest furniture and handicraft product exhibition in Indonesia. This is a annual event held by ASMINDO (The association of Indonesian furniture entrepreneur) to promote the furniture and handicraft product from Indonesia. This event is started in 2008 and a positive trend is showed. A quite significant increasing in terms of number of participants and value of transactions is recorded from year to year of the IFFINA event. 
This year Iffina has been successful held at March 8th to 14th last week, there were 460 participant, about 3000 buyers from 106 countries visited, and the total transaction recorded is about 500 US $ (kontan id.com). This is a  big increasing compared with the same event last year ( 360 participants and 250 US $ transaction).
ASMINDO has scheduled IFFINA as annual event for the Indonesia furniture business to promotes their products and grabb buyers from many countries all over the world. With these event the furniture products from Indonesia will be increasingly recognized and appreciated by the world furniture market.
Since the enthusiasm of participants and the benefits gained,  Asmindo plan to hold the next IFFINA event on September this year. With the hope there are more buyer can be attracted and more business transaction can be generated.  



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