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Saturday, July 23, 2011

UV coating for furniture

After long time have been using for wood flooring, UV coating also further developed to be used to finishing for wood furniture. The UV coating for furniture must be specially designed and have different specification with the UV coating for flooring. The coating layer for furniture won,t require hard and strong coating film as the finishing for flooring, but it it needs the better looked. The furniture need more subtle, smooth  film layer with less roller marks. Basically the material to make the coating for furniture is same with the UV coating  for flooring, but it is designed to give better flow.
UV coating for furniture finishing is the perfect material  for the flat panel finishing system. In the modern furniture factory with the mass production system, the product are designed and directed to be handled by machine.  As far as possible the products are made knock down, flat so they can be finished in the flat line finishing. The cabinets, tables, boxes and other flat panel are finished  with roller coating machine. The knock down furniture are finish in the panel form, then assembled after they are fully finished. With the roller coating machine, the finishing process can be done very quickly and consistent result and high efficiency of material transfer.
and panels must have same thickness to be finished with roller coatings effectively. The unevenness at the panel will resulted to uneven coating thickness layer that will give imperfect finish. The variation in the thickness cannot be allowed since will result in an uneven paint application. It cab be problem in the production. To make the even and flat panel could be difficult. The panel and board in the furniture panel are big and wide which is rather difficult to be handled than the flooring parquet flooring which has smaller size. We need a precise machine to do the calibration to feed the roller machine.
The application to the UV coating for furniture are the same with the application of the UV coatings for flooring. The material is applied by roller coater and then passed in the  UV  lamp for the curing. In the finishing line, some wide belt sander or brush sander could be inserted to do the sanding in the finishing process. The machine setting is also the same with the UV coating for flooring. We also need to apply in the coating in the thin layer to minimize the roll mark. We can adjust the intensity of the UV lamp to set the curing of the coating to be semi cured, surface cured and fully cured.

UV laser coating.

e UV laser coating material is a modification of the UV coating to produce smoother and flat film surface. The coating is specially design to fulfill the requirement in the furniture finishing which need better appearance. It can be applied little bit thicker, and it will flow to make a smooth surface with less roll mark. The UV laser coating has to be applied with the laser roller to get the maximum result.  Laser roller is a special roller, it is designed to hold and apply thicker material on the application but with less roll mark. In the finishing line, we have prepare some spaces to let the wet coating to flow to make a smooth and even surface before dried with uv lamp.   

The UV coating for furniture is however limited to finish to do the flat panel. It cannot finish the curve shaped furniture. The shape form such as leg, carved furniture, posh and built up furniture cannot be finished with the UV coating. The UV coating is also limited to do the relatively simple finishing model. Finishing with relatively clean and even colors or finishes that require a thick layer film is the most suitable for the UV coating. UV coating can produce a thick film finish with high speed and high efficiency. The UV coating can is relative safer than the NC or PU coating to make thick film finish. It can produce thicker film layer then the other finishing material safer and faster.   
The antique finishing  or a special finish that requires a lot of handwork cannot be done with the UV coating. The handwork is very limited since the finishing process is done by automatic machine. The UV coatings can also be used in combination with the finishing materials with other type. The UV coating as the sealer in the first step and followed by application of sealer or top coat with other type sometime is done by some furniture factories. The PU, NC, AC or water based coating can be layered on the UV coating with good result. The point is we have to ensure that the UV coating is fully cured and has been well sanded before layered with other clear coating.


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