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Furniture trend in 2010

The furniture model 

At this time most of the furniture product is already a fashion product. Although people buy furniture product is still considering the function of the products, but the model furniture is very decisive factor in consideration people to choose furniture product. Therefore, the model is a very important factor in competition in the furniture business right now. As well as the modes of other products, fashion trends in furniture products are also highly influenced by the social conditions of society at that same time. Currently with the world economy slow down, so not many new models is propose in the market, the furniture business more restraint to stick with models that they have while studying the situation to get the right opportunity to release new models. Yet of course there are some new models are offered for this year, because after all, the market will always grow and need the right products to fill in. The new models that are offered this time tend more to the simpler product. Many people today have had a lot of thought from big pressure for their alive, since that they would prefer models that simpler, more minimalist and ease in handling and keep his ability to fulfill its function as a household product.
For inspiration on some furniture models you can find in can see some furniture styles at: top 10 furniture model in the last decade

Environmental issues in the furniture trends 
The other thing need to be to note in this year's trend is the environmental issues. Issue of the world about global warming and carbon emissions will greatly influence the buying behavior of peoples. As well as for products or other industries, the furniture industries will also be affected by these environmental issues. At this year and in the future there will be the stronger pull of the furniture industry to use materials that is more environmental friendly. Therefore, the future will more and more demand on the furniture industry to use certificated wood, to proof that the wood are from plantations or a sustainable forest. People do not like to use the product that from illegal logging that will destroyed the forest. Therefore, the use of certified wood is one of the trends of furniture products that will be followed by more worlds’ furniture business.
Also, issues concerning environmental health and safety will also be very important; because of this there will more requirements for furniture products to use more environmentally friendly and release less toxic emission gas. The tend of uses Water based coating or materials or other finishing material that emit low VOC and environmental friendly is going to be stronger in the future.
Actually, the issue of environment has raised some time ago, some furniture business has begun offering products that are environmentally friendly, including also show evidence that the product is made from materials derived from sustainable natural resources. And the trend seems to be followed by more furniture business players in the future.

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