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Rattan furniture styles and models

Rattan furniture models and styles

Furniture made of rattan has different models with wood furniture. Different with wood rattan has no grain, so the model of rattan furniture emphasizes to his form such as the post and the wicker. Rattan furniture, especially a lot of wicker and features a unique shape. There are also many furniture are made with a combination rattan with stainless steel to make garden furniture. Or there are many furniture products that are made from a combination of rattan with wood to create indoor furniture. In year of 1990 of early 2000 when the rattan is still widely available in lot amounts, there are many models of rattan furniture. At this time because rattan increasingly difficult to obtain and relatively expensive price, then less furniture manufacturers that use rattan. There are many rattan factories that change to use wood as raw materials. The are still make rattan furniture but their main product is more in the wood furniture. Mostly they will to make rattan furniture as long as they got order with reasonable price and quantity.

Factory who make rattan furniture

Even though there are still some furniture factories in Indonesia that available to make rattan furniture. One of furniture factories that still focus to make rattan furniture that i know is PT Mercu Utama. He is different with other furniture factories since he is still focus on making furniture product from rattan. This factory has been made and to rattan export furniture products to the whole world since 2002 and keep survive until now. His product mostly are shipped to America and Europe, he's average export the 6 to 10 containers per month.
You can find this factory by visit to his address in
Jl Raya Terboyo N0 14
Kawasan Industri Terboyo Megah
Semarang 50118
Phone : 062-24-6581200, 6581350, 6583979
Fax : 062-24 6581300

Contact person : Mr Nanang or Mr Henky

Or You can contact us for more information

Here you can find some pictures of his product.

ratan dinning set rattan table rattan dinning table

rattan small product

rattan furniture

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  1. kulo remen desain panjenengan, mbokbilih saged kulo dipun aturi daftar harga kaliyan diskonipun.

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