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PT Sinar Gallery, a metal handcraft company in Indonesia

Handcraft product in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the places in the world handcraft production. Many varieties of handcraft products are made in Indonesia. The production process that does not require high technologies and machinery and big capital is suitable for people in Indonesia. Many of the Indonesian population live in villages, mostly have enough time and place that is wide enough is a very suitable tool for making handicraft. Here the handicraft making is done while doing other jobs such as farming, gardening and other daily activities. The Indonesian peoples gain the skills to make handicraft products from their ancestors. Therefore there are a lot of handicraft centers in Indonesia; the most diverse species depends on the location and its inhabitants.

PT Sinar Gallery
One handicraft producers company in Indonesia is PT Sinar gallery. Companies located in Boyolali, Central Java is one of the producers of the metal handcrafts. Its location on the slopes of Mount Merapi which is a cold place is ideal for manufacturing processes of metal handicraft especially in the form of metal sheet.
At this time the product from PT Sinar gallery sells throughout Indonesia to meet local market needs.
Here are some samples of products that he does. 


Mirror frame





There are options of materials that can be used to make the product: aluminum, brass and copper.
PT Sinar Gallery is also ready to make a special order with the particular model and design to meet his buyer.
If you interested you can visit his show room in this address:
Wonosari, Cepogo, Boyolali,
Jawa Tengah
Phone     : 081325539416
Fax          : 0276 323336
Attention : Mr Joko

You can also contact us for some more information

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