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Roller coater in wood finishing

Roller coater for UV coating

Roller coater.
Roller coater is one of the machines for application of finishing material that is widely used in flat line production. In the modern finishing industry, the roller coater is a reliable tool for the application of finishing materials for flat surfaces in large-scale production. The advantages of the roller coater are the high speed of coating application and the high efficiency of the material uses. Roller coater is very suitable for application finishing materials for flat surface  products such as: wood panels, parquet flooring, plywood, panel board, etc. The principle of a roller coater is the same with the uses of a roller to paint the walls in the house that we often do it manually. But by the machine and oven the application is done in the high speed and precision.
The uses of roller coater for the finishing material application can produce very high transfer efficiency, up to about 90% (see the spreading rate of finishes material figure in my article the: finishing cost calculation for furniture finishing). Roller coater is the most suitable tool for the application of UV coating. On the application of UV coating, the overall efficiency of finishing material can be higher since the UV coating can be made in high solid condition with solid content is about 98%. It means that almost all the finishing material will stick and coat the surface with no solvent is evaporated and thrown in the air in the drying process. The UV paint application with the roller coater can be done with a very high speed, it suitable for production panel in large volume.
The machine is a series of a roller machine to apply the finishing material and followed with a UV lamp as oven to trigger the reaction of the UV coating. With enough intensity UV light, the UV coating will be dry in just few minutes. A panel or board that is inserted in this machine for coated with the UV coating is dry and get ready for the next process soon it out from this machine.
The applicability of UV coating is commonly used especially for finishing on flooring parquet. The UV coating types is suitable for flooring parquet that requires finishing with a very high endurance, high resistance to scratch, heat and chemicals.
With the use of a roller coater and UV coating material, the finishing for flooring parquet can be done very quickly, with very high efficiency and satisfactory results. The brush mark that is left on the surface of the parquet  finish can be an advantage because it can reduce the slippery of the floor surface.
Roller coater is also widely used for applications for other material such water base coating and  water based filler on panel, board or plywood. Water based paint or filler application is carried in a machine that consist a series of a roller for application the coating followed by an oven for heat the finishing material is applied. The oven temperature is designed properly to the water based coating. Out of this machine the panels are already dry and ready for the next process. 

Reverse roller coater. 
When a roller coater was used for the application on hardboard in the first time he gave unsatisfied result, especially for low quality hardboard. The early boards had a weakness in subsequent that being so pitted, the coat is soaked in the pores and grain and the surface had great tendency to be so hungry. Since that then was developed a machine called a reverse roller coater. The reverse roller coater is developed to especially for prefinishing the hard board by forcing the coating with a great pressure by reversal the direction of the pressure rolls, thereby literally forcing the coating in with a great pressure into the these unfilled pores. And this equipment now is playing important role in the board manufacturer.

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