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Finish the furniture for exhibition.

Furniture finishing is about looked
Furniture finishing is much dealing with the form factor, model and design, and sometimes we can not determine a suitable finishing on a product before applying it to the goods. Please  read the story below and enjoy the experience. 
One day I was invited by a furniture factory to help the plant make finishing for his furniture. The furniture were samples to be shown in a furniture exhibition. The furniture factory was also working with a designer to create furniture with new design models to joint the exhibition with the hope is he could open new markets.
The designer has been working for several months before. He has dig ideas to create furniture with a new design. When I came into the factory, a set of bedroom furniture was prepared already. One bedroom set from mahogany wood combined with veneer with classical, simple model, with a little carving as an accent in the post and leg.
I and arrived and met with the designers and had a discussion about the appearance and color finishing what he wanted. He did not have a definite color to the product yet, he just explained that he wanted a brown color without any red in the color. Then I made him some color panels of mahogany wood to him. Finally after a little discussion he chose a color panel. A dark brown color finishes with little antic looked, some physical distresses and burnishes the corner.
I then started to work on the finishing process
assisted by several operators from the factory.  We did finish the finishing process for all the goods there. There were two night stands, a dresser, an armoire, a queen bed and a mirror. The finishing process itself  was relatively easy and fast because we just followed the process and system that we've made in accordance with the process on the color panel that we have created.
The next day we had almost finished all our finishing work, when the designer came.
Then together we saw the results for the finishing we have done. After few minutes observations from various angles he felt that the product was a bit boring, he wanted to make it more life looked.  He asked me to do a little antiquing with some additional distress to make up the finishing appearance became more life.  I took one night stand and add little dry brush do some and hand pad to the night stand.  After do a lacquer I showed the night stand to the designer. But then he thought that the color was already a bit too dark. The additional of dry brush and distress made it look even darker and more black color in there. 
We looked at the furniture, we observed from many angle but finally he still thought that the finishing was too dark and too black. He asked me to make him another finish with less black, a warmer color finish. 
Then I took the other night stand, stripped the finish and refinished with a different color. I did a modification on the stain that I use to reduce the black in there. I added a little yellow and red colors and some thinner to reduce the black color of the stain. Then I did the finishing process to the night stand using the new stain. Meanwhile, the other process was about the same, we used the same glaze but I did a lightly highlight on the glaze.
When we reached to the second sealer then I called the designer to see the products looked like. We saw the product and observed together, he agreed with the color, but he wanted a little more dry brush and spatter to add the antique impression.
After did a dry brush and some more antiquing job, I called the designer to see it again. I had not put any clear coating on he dry brush glaze that I made, so we could still reduce the dry brush and antique effect if necessary. We observed and discussed for awhile, I gave my brush to him and let him to do some brushing and antiquing. After few minute of observation and working, finally he agreed with the furniture looked. Then I coated it with semi doff clear top coat. 
After the top coat was dry we did the reviewing for the product.  I took the previous night stand and placed it beside the new one to be compared. After reviewing and considering for a while, he was finally happy with the furniture with new finish. A piece of mahogany furniture with a brown color and little antique impression and still show the warm color from the underneath. He decided to finish the rest furniture follow to the new finish.
It meant that we need to wash and strip the entire furniture product we already finished and repeat the process of finishing with the new color. Luckily we were using NC finishing, so the finishing layer can be washed and cleaned easily. We started to do finishing process and finally we could finish the job with the good result. The designer was happy with the finish and they were sent to attend the exhibition with satisfactory results. 

This story is my real story that also can happens for every furnishing peoples. A furniture finishing is very much associated with the form and model. A color panels that show the finish color often can not fully describe the performance of finishing on a good. To see a finished appearance we need to apply the finish to the goods. A good finish to a particular model may not be suitable applied on the other model. And sometimes we need to see the finish stuff before make a decision. To see the finishing we need to view it in a product to how it is looked.

Since then if I am asked to do the finishing process of the furniture in large quantity, I always do it on one item first. The finished item needs to be evaluated and seen together before starting the process of finishing the goods in large quantities. For one big stuffs such as entertainment unit, i choose the furniture part such as door a drawer front to be finished first to be reviewed. After we all actually agree to the overall appearance and color, then we can start to do the finishing process. By this way I can avoid to waste time for do the wrong finishing. One small item of product is enough to be evaluated and reviewed to decide the appearance of the finishing what we want. Color panel is a tool that is used to see the color, but we still need the product sample is a tool we need to refer about the looked.  By do the color in a stuff we can avoid any dispute about finishing in furniture.

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