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Recycled wood furniture

Recycled timber
Recycled timber or recycled wood is wood materials that come from the old wood products that are recycled, reprocessed and reused. The sources of recycled is obtained from the old buildings, old ship, old furniture, and other old wood products that have been damaged. This timber previously is waste product and mostly only used to feed for burned in stove. Now this wood can use as a material for the recycled wood furniture products with higher value. This is a good alternative for this wood uses since it also help to reuse the wastes with high added value.
The old timber that can be recycled for furniture should a timber that is still has a good condition, still strong and has and quite size to be processed in the furniture production.  The oak and teak are popular for recycled wood since they are lots available in good enough condition after long timed used.

Recycled wood furniture

Recycled wood furniture is furniture that uses recycled wood as its raw materials. The recycled wood furniture is one answer from the furniture industry to participate in the environment preservation and reduce the deforestation. It is good issues now, when the world is facing climate change and global warming.
Many people consider the furniture industry is one industry that contributes to the forest destruction. Until now the furniture industry is still uses lot of wood and wood products as its materials. Although today has been developed many other materials as raw material for making furniture, but the wood is still the main substrate for making furniture. Even some finishing material for furniture such as: nitrocellulose, shellac, are also produced from the plant. The current location of the furniture industry which is more located in the developing countries where the forest destruction is mostly happen is the other reason that reinforces that the furniture industry is involved to the forest damage. Since that many environmentalists community pressure and expects the furniture industry to take part in the environmental conservation.
Few things have been done by the furniture industry to address the issue of forest sustainability and environmental safety, such as: the use of certified wood, the use of friendly environment materials, and the use of recycled wood for furniture raw material.

models of recycled wood furniture
Recycled wood furniture is one of the current furniture models are introduced and many are offered in the furniture business. And now the recycled wood furniture has its own market in the furniture business. Many models and design of furniture that emphasis in the uses of recycled timber are available in the market. The model that is suitable for recycling wood, of course, is a model that could maximize the uniqueness of its raw materials. The antique or rustic furniture is the most suitable model for this timber. The damaged timber such as holes from nail, screw, turn mite, and much other damage can display a natural antique and old looked appearance. The finishing for this product should be able to maximize the uniqueness of the old wooden appearance.  Antique finishing antique or rustic appearance is the right choice for this furniture.
Recycled wood furniture has some advantages compared with fresh wood furniture products from fresh timber.
  • The recycled wood is relatively dry and stable.
The recycled wood is from timber has been cut and used for long time, so its moisture content is already stable and balance with the humidity in its environment. Therefore, the problems caused by wood moisture content changes like wood crack, or bend wood is very rarely happens in the recycled wood.

  • It has more value as an environmentally friendly furniture product.
This product is considered uses waste products as its raw materials. This wood wont come from illegal logging. This is a good selling point in this era when people are more talking about forest preservation and environmentally product. 
  • It has unique shape and appearance
The wood from recycled timber has unique appearance, old, antique  which can not be obtained from the fresh wood furniture.

The problem about the recycled wood furniture now is the difficulty of material sourcing. This furniture needs a lot of old wood product such as demolition houses, old wood furniture that are not easy to be found. It is quite difficult to find the wood waste but still in good condition. The limited source is the most problem for this furniture.

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