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Furniture finishing e-book

Free finishing e-book

Dear all.

We really thanks for You who already visit and give supports to our web-blog. Your supports encourage us to keep writing, sharing and posting in this blog.
As our big thank and appreciation to You, we want to share our free furniture finishing e-book titled:  A Basic guide for furniture finishing.

This e-book contains the basic knowledge, information and explanations about the furniture finishing and all its aspects that are necessary to be known in understanding the process to  finish the furniture.
The contents of the book are:
1. Preliminary
What is furniture finishing?
Why we need to finish the furniture?
The aspects that need to be considered when we do the furniture finishing job.

2. The finishing materials
The finishing material according its function such as: clear coating, stain, glaze, filler, putty, etc.
The types of finishing materials that are mostly used in furniture finishing, the characters, advantages and disadvantages of each.

3. The finishing equipment
The equipments for apply material in the furniture finishing, such as: spray gun in may types, how to use the spray gun, the characters of each equipment. The advantages and disadvantages of each types of spray gun and how to use them properly.
4. The finishing room and its facilities.
The room and facilities that is needed to do the finishing job.  How is the finishing room should be,  the compressor, spray booth, piping  and the facilities that are needed to do the finishing process.

5. The finishing process.
The simple guide to choose the right  system to do the finishing proses. The step panel, the finishing material finishing selection, the finishing process and  the consideration aspects when we do finishing process.

We hope this e-book will give help for everybody to understand and simplify the furniture finishing. For the newbie the information in there will help to understand the furniture finishing, while for the expert, this book can be used as an addition information and enlarging knowledge about furniture finishing. 

This e-book is available in 2 languages; the English version and the Indonesian version that booth can be downloaded freely. You can choose either one according to your language.

If You want to get this e-book,  just go ahead to click this link:

If You have problem about download the book, you can try by visiting this link : wisno e-book



2 comments for "Furniture finishing e-book"

  1. Dasar-dasar furniture finishing, the Indonesian version. kok putus link nya ya pak... pengin banget punya e-book nya nih

  2. Ya Pak. terima kasih atas infonya.
    Ya betul beberapa waktu yang lalu memang link nya bermasalah.
    Tapi sekarang sudha oke lagi kok
    Silakan dicob lagi