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PT Saniharto Enggal Harjo, high end furniture manufacturer

Central Java is the place for many furniture factories in Indonesia. In this area there are many furniture manufacturers who each have their own specific product. One of the well known furniture factory in Central Java is PT Saniharto Enggalhardjo. The furniture factory which is located in Demak, Central Java is one of the furniture manufacturers who is specialized in produce high end furniture products.
The factory started to operate in early 1990 by making parquetry veneer and until know is still regarded as one of the highest quality veneer maker in Indonesia. Furthermore, this factory has developed as a furniture maker for the high end product with best quality. Now this factory mostly does the job for project furniture. Furniture for hotels, apartments or houses with high prices and high quality with premium price are his product specialty.  Furniture with clean looked models with high gloss finish that is relatively difficult to be produced in Indonesia can be ordered from this factory with  best quality assurance.

The factory is also available to produce furniture for the regular market with a variety of models including antique and special design. He is also experience to work with some American furniture company such as: Baker Furniture, French Heritage, Hickory chair, etc.
The complete profile for this factory can be viewed by go to thus link:  PT Saniharto Enggalhardjo

If You interested to do business with him you can also visit the factory at these following address:
Jl. Raya Semarang - Demak Km. 12,9
Semarang 59563 - Indonesia
T 62 24 6582 380
F 62 24 6582 381

Show Room
Jl. South Kemang Raya 109B
South Jakarta 12730 - Indonesia

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