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Wood finishing for outdoor uses.

Finishing for outdoor uses has different specifications then the finishing for indoor uses. The outdoor finishing layer should be strong and durable to withstand the outside weather. There are many factor from the outside room that must be considered when we make the finishing for outdoor uses. The finishing will become more complex when we are talking about wood finishing. The wood naturally has some properties that make it is easily to get tortured and fade and broken.
  •    Sunlight.
As the main energy source in the world, the sunlight is extremely needed by world living. But beside of his usefulness, the sunlight could be the most destructive elements to the outdoor wood products.  Sun radiates light and heat that can be very damaging, especially to the stuff that is directly exposed to the light.  UV rays will change the wood color, make the wood to be faded and weathered.  The heat from the sunlight that is absorbed by the wood will raise the temperature and make the dimensional changes to the wood that finally will damage the wood product.
  •     Temperature fluctuations.
Outdoor temperature will always change depending on time and weather conditions. Temperature changes will make the wood to shrink and expand and spoil the wood construction. The wood products are usually made from several pieces of wood that are assembled and unified together. The changes in the dimensions of each piece of wood will make the deconstruction and damage the product.
  •    Fluctuations in humidity.
Wood is a hygroscopic material. He will absorb or release the water from its environment to maintain the balance of its moisture content with the environment humidity. The changes in the moisture content will always be followed by changes in the dimensions of the timber and will damage the wood products.
  •     Water from dew and rain.
Water is one of the biggest enemies to the wood. Water that is absorbed by the wood will wet wood and raise the moisture content of wood. The wet wood will become heavier and less strength. The changes of the moisture content in the wood will also changing the dimensions wood and invite the wood fungi that will destroy the wood.

Things that need to be considered in the outdoor finish.
  •     Make sure that the materials used are materials for outdoor uses.
Materials for outdoor finishing has different specifications than the finishing materials for indoor. The stain and coating used should be resistant to the outside weather and sunlight. See the specification for the material that is written in the cane before use it. Discuss with the material supplier to ensure we get the proper material.
  •      Make carefully calculation for the finishing job.
The materials for outdoor finish are usually more expensive than the indoor finishing material. It also need longer drying time. The finishing process usually more expensive since longer time is needed. Therefore make an accurate calculation when we do the project with outdoor finishing process. The finishing materials for outdoor is also relatively limited. Some special finishing that can be easily made with indoor finishing material can be very difficult to be achieved with the outdoor finishing material.
  •     The discoloration and fade of the finishing.
The finishing product that is put in the outdoor will always "fade off " and "dis-colorize" after certain time. Even the outdoor finishing material is designed specially to withstand the outside weather, but it won,t be stay forever. The color and sheen will be change after few years exposed in the sunlight. The finishing with bright color and high sheen tend to discolor faster then the calm color. Then we need to consider the lifetime of he finish. We need to consider to re coating or refinish the outdoor product every certain period of time.

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