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Warehouse for furniture

The people who are dealing with furniture business will always need to prepare a warehouse as a place to keep the furniture product. The furniture factory have to prepare a place to put its furniture products before they are sent to the whole seller, shops or show room. The furniture stores, show rooms are also need a warehouse as a place to store their furniture before they are being sent to their buyer.
Furniture warehouse actually
is just a simple room and requires no special facilities. It is a clean and safe building where we can put the furniture inside. But however we we should do a good calculation and planning when we plan to build this room. The comprehensive planning will help us in managing the budget well and avoid the waste resulting from inefficiencies caused by improper building.

Here are the things that must be
considered in planning and managing the warehouse for furniture.
  •   The calculation of the area needed.
The area of ​​warehouses should be calculated based on the space needed according to  the volume of the furniture product to be stored. Although the furniture warehouse is a simple room, but too big room or building could be expenses too much. Either we build or rent the building, the warehouse will always considered as an expenses.  Do a calculation to the amount of furniture volume that needs to be stored in the warehouse and then provide a room that according to the calculation.
  • The arrangement of goods in warehouse
Furniture that is stored in a warehouse is usually kept in packed condition. The furniture pack will be open when the product are going to be installed in a show room or when it are going to be used. Therefore, the good arrangement is needed to simplify the check and observe the item product. Arrange the good according its item so it can be easily found  when needed. Make a system to ensure that goods first come in also come out first. By this way we can minimized the damaged or missing good.
The stock op name to check and observed of the items in warehouse need to be scheduled every month or every few week to keep the real stock is updated.

  • The room ventilation and air circulation.
Furniture should be stored in a dry condition. The wet state or moist is the condition where the fungus likes to grow. Therefore, the room in the warehouse must be kept dry; build a room where the air can be well circulated.  We may need to equip the warehouse with fan or air conditioning to keep the room dry and clean. The water will damage the furniture, so avoid the leakage or the stagnant water in the room.  
  • Provide firefighting equipment
Furniture products are flammable goods. Furniture is made from dried wood that is mostly covered by finishing materials that are very flammable. The cartoon to pack the furniture products is also a flammable material. Therefore, the furniture warehouse must be considered as a high risk of fire room. The room must be equipped with the fire fighting equipment. The fire extinguisher should be available in the room to anticipate the occurrence of fire. The smoke detector should be mounted in the room to minimized the fire risk in the room.

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