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How to design the furniture.

The modern furniture product is a result of long series of processes. It is like a building, the furniture product is started from an idea. The idea then goes to the designer and start to be realized. Designer is a person who does have expertise in capturing an idea and express it to be tangible form. How to get the ideas and how to cultivate the ideas is the expertise of the designer. This idea could come from anywhere, from models that already exist, from the fashion trends, books, magazines, nature, etc. But, to make the idea become real product, then the designer has to translate the idea to the manufacturing process. The first step is to make the drawing for the idea.  The drawing then has to go to the furniture manufacturer to be used as a guide to make the real product.
The woodworking technology today has been developed and so advanced to accommodate the furniture manufacturer industry.  Various machinery, facility and raw materials are available to support the furniture manufacturer. This condition gives the big freedom to the designer to design the furniture. Almost all models and types of furniture products can be produced with the technology available today. The developing of information technology also help the designer a lot by providing abundant information about the furniture style, sources, substrates, and other information needed. It means that the designer today has a very big chance to explore and maximize his creativity. 

 The rattan seat bench
However, of course, the designer cannot inconsequential when designing a product. There are many things need to be considered to make the product that is success in the market. Here are some things that should be considered in the designing of furniture product.

  • The aesthetic value of the furniture.
The success of the product depends on the market acceptance. The furniture product should have aesthetic value to many people or the society. Now, when the furniture is like a commodity product, then the esthetic value is very important factor. The esthetic value is the “differing factor” that drives peoples to choose the product. The "esthetic value" could be varying from one people to the other, from one society to the other, from one place to the other. There are many factors that influence the esthetic value of the society. The region, social culture, gender, age, economic level is some of the influence factors for the esthetic value.
Since that when the designer design the furniture, then he needs to determine the segment market of the product. By knowing the market, then he can explore the esthetic value according to the target market. By this way the he can design the proper product.
  • The production process to make the product.
The attractive product is not enough. He also should also be sell able with an economical price. To get reasonable price, then it must be able to be manufactured in a reasonable cost. The production cost will depend on the facility and system where the manufacturing process will be held. The process in a small workshop that serves to make custom product will be different with big furniture factory that make big volume products in the mass production system. 
Therefore when the designer design the furniture, then he also should consider the kind of furniture manufacturer who will build the product. If he works for a furniture factory, then he needs to do discussion with the production manager to find out the best suitable product according to the facility and system in the factory. If the designer works to the furniture buyer or he is a freelancer, then he need to have knowledge about the process of manufacturing furniture.  
  • The function of the product.
The furniture product is household product. No matter how good is the furniture, he still has to fulfill its function. The people buy furniture product because he want to use it, not just only to enjoy the beauty. Therefore the furniture has to fulfill the function value; the furniture has to be usable to the user. Including the function value is also the safety; furniture should be proper designed to be save enough to be used by its user.
The function factor also depends to the person who is going to use the furniture. For example the furniture that is dedicated to the baby or children should have extra safety in construction and models. And the function value of the product could be very significant until it can restrict to make the other value.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these useful tips. I like the desing of the rattan seat bench. It's very stylish and classy. I would love to have that in my living room.

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  3. I have to agree with you that the woodworking technology today has been developed and so advanced to accommodate the furniture manufacturer industry. People still prefer wood furniture over metal and plastic because of its durability and elegance.

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