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Eco furniture.

Eco furniture is furniture that is environmentally friendly. It is the action from the furniture industry to plays role together with the human community to save the earth. The advanced of technology has made the earth to be “smaller” to accommodate all the activities of the living creature on it. People start to realize that the developing of the technology and culture can impact to the earth damage. The human society start to realize that the technology and culture development must be controlled to preserve the earth.
The environment issue also affect the business sector. More companies start to consider  the ecological balance as the important aspect in the business. Many new product made are designed to be more environmentally friendly. This situation is also affect the furniture business. The furniture  manufacturer which still use the wood as its main raw material can be pointed as the cause of the environmentally damage. Many furniture manufacturers that are relocated in the developing countries could trigger to the uncontrolled deforestation. While the forest is the very important natural resources to keeps the air balancing in the world.  The forest is the "world lung" which absorb CO2 and provide O2 to keel the clean air in the world. Responses to this issue, then many furniture factories are start to make the eco furniture, the furniture product which is environmental friendly. 

 the cutting trees in the hard wood plantation

To be environmentally friendly, the furniture product must fulfill two aspects: the product itself must be eco friendly, and the process of manufacturing the product also should be eco friendly.
1. The eco friendly manufacturing process.
Until today, the wood is still used as the main raw material to make the furniture. While the wood is sourced from the tress, the organism that absorb CO2 and release O2 in the air during its life time. The existence of the trees is very important to keep the continuity of the living creature in the earth. Therefore the furniture industry must participate in action to maintain the presence of trees and forest.
The eco furniture should be made using raw materials sourced from the sustainable plantations. The eco furniture has to use the certificated woods, which indicate it is legal timber from the sustainable plantation. By this way then the eco furniture is help to reduce the illegal logging, which cause the big destruction to the natural forest.
The eco furniture also is also should be associated with the environmental friendly in the production process. It has to be produced in environmental balancing system. The safe and friendly environment material should be used and the healthy process should be held. The production process to make the product has to be equipped with the waste management to make sure it dose not pollute the environment.
The environmental issues are not only about physically, but also are involved to the social community aspects. The manufacturing process should be in balance with the social and culture at the society where the factory located. The company has to bring benefit to its environment society instead of to make profit.  
  • 2. The eco friendly product.
The furniture product also has to be safe and does not emit the pollutant to the environment. People are becoming more aware to the air cleanliness. There are many rules are made to limit gas emissions for the furniture product that allowed to be used. In the furniture product, the emitting gas is correlated with the finishing chemical and the glue that are used to make the furniture. The finishing material and the glue used to make the eco furniture have to be the safe material and do not emit the poisonous gas.
Eco furniture is very good policy to be implemented. The eco furniture can help to bring the life in the harmony among the human with the other living creature and the earth. But it is very difficult to be realized. The biggest challenge is the economical issues, since all the process need cost that could be expensive. It need support and good will from the whole society to realize it. But sure it will be the condition that has to be fulfilled in the future.

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