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The Jepara furniture

Jepara is a small town located in the north of Central Java, Indonesia, about 100 km from Semarang. The city is well known as source for wood and furniture product in Indonesia. There are many furniture manufacturer and wood crafter are available in here.  The Jepara people are naturally born as carpenter or wood craftsmen. They are inherited the ability to carve and craft the wood from they ancestors, since many generation. Combine with the timber resources that is abundantly available has built the Jepara area to be the wooden furniture sources.
teak wood furniture 
The furniture products from Jepara are made from home industry that relies to the expertise and skill from the carpenter or craftsmen. The furniture has more value because it is crafted and hand made with touch of handwork. There is no furniture company in here which is based to the modern process with high woodworking technology. 
The Jepara wood carving art is considered as one the best in the world. But few decade ago, they have weakness in the wood processing. The problem of imperfect wood such as wet wood, the insect problems and the consistency was the common problem. But now the problems have been less found.  The perpetrators of furniture industry in Jepara have learned lot to improve the quality of their production processes. Many foreigner from various countries who doing business in here has also make the local people to do better management process in doing their business. Mostly the Jepara business players now are available to produce the good quality furniture products according to the demand of the furniture business.

bed with leather accent
The perpetrators of the furniture industry in Jepara also learned a lot about wood finishing. With their experience and association with the furniture business from various countries, they has enhanced their capabilities in the finishing process. Last time the Jepara wood may be identical with traditional finishing with shellac, varnish or melamine finish with thick layer film, but now they have ability to accept the orders in various style furniture finishing.  The nice classic finish with NC or water based system, hand painted or antique finishing can be made with perfect result.
The Jepara furniture player also improve  their ability to make furniture by using the engineered wood product such as: plywood, or veneer, m.d.f., although solid wood is still the mainstream. Some furniture factories also import some species of wood instead of using the native wood. The other substrates such rattan natural or synthetics and metal are also available in here. The furniture business in Jepara is now also available to do the special models, with small or big volume.
If you are business people who want to look for furniture products with special and unique, then you can come to Jepara. There are many furniture factories are ready to make the furniture products you need. There are wide range of furniture product are available in here: the wood high complicated carved furniture, the simple and minimalist furniture, the garden furniture with many models and item, and even rattan furniture can be sourced from here. 

antique latex paint finish
Nevertheless we must be careful in doing business with the Jepara industry. We should be able to understand the character of the furniture industry here. Here are some tips for doing business with the Jepara furniture industry.
rattan dinning set
1. Do a good communication
The Jepara furniture business have a high capability in making furniture. They are very expert to make furniture, but of course they do not know what kind of products we want. Therefore we should be able to explain clearly what kind of product we want to. Provide them with an explanation about the product we want, what materials to be used, size, price, number of orders and the other detail required. Some images will be helpful if any. The Jepara peoples are available to deal with either sketch drawing or picture image. The clarity of the information is very important to find the good product.

antique mahogany finish
2. Find a suitable partner.
There are many furniture manufacturers in Jepara. There are many “big factories” that are available to serve order with large quantity product orders. And more home industries could better partner to produce the products with small amount. There are also many furniture products with different items and models are available to be paid and carried at the same time.

Therefore, it is to get the maximum benefit, we need to find a suitable partner. If you want a product in large numbers and continuously then you should come to the big furniture factory that can serve you with furniture products with big amount. But if you want the products with specific model and small amount then you can come directly to the craftsmen to get better price. If you want the “cheap products” then you can come to the furniture market. There are lots of furniture products, with variety of shapes and models that can select and be purchased with “cheap price”.

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