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Pendhapa is the traditional Javanese buildings. Pendhapa is the building in the front center of the layout of Javanese house. Pendhapa, traditionally is the building as a place for meetings, living room, show, presentation, etc.   It is open building, consist of many poles supporting roof without any wall. A short wooden fence could be made out as a barrier with the gate at the front as the barrier for the hall. 

sitihinggil Yogyakarta palace
 pendhapa sitihinggil Keraton Yogyakarta

Pendhapa is an ideal place for gathered many people. The roof serves to withstand the sunlight and rainfall; the open space let the wind blow and flow through to bring freshness to the whole room. In the modern architecture, pendhapa is used as room for rest, relax and do the in-house sports. Pendhapa in the modern residence is used as space for relax and rest. A small pendhapa can be built in the park as a place for the whole family to chat and get the air freshness. As an open space it is also an ideal place for the kids to play.
To have pendhapa in our home is certainly a very pleasant. We will have an open space that can be used to relax and rest while enjoy the natural air freshness. But as special building, we need to good planning when we decide to make pendhapa in our home.

pedhapa house
Here are some things to be considered in making the pendhapa:
  • The design and layout.
The building in our home must be considered about two things, the function and the aesthetic looked.  Pendhapa is also need to meet his function as a place to get the air fresher and also need to have the artistic look. Make sure we get the proper size according to our home space and proper designed according to the house design. The traditional pendhapa is the Javanese building, but pendhapa in the modern era can be made by adopting various models of architectural design.
  • The building construction.
Pendhapa are usually made of wood. The wood house is emphasizing the natural atmosphere of the building. The woods are used to make the poles and hold the tile. Some people use the wood as tiles and floor to make the pendhapa. No matter what material is used, we need to make sure we do the proper construction.
  • The maintenance.
When we design and build the building we need to consider the maintenance. Avoid too complicated model that make difficulties in the maintenance.

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