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S.V.L.K. (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) or TLAS (Timber Legality Assurance System) is wood certificate from the Indonesia government. To address the issues about environmental sustainability issues, the Indonesian government through the Minister of Forestry has release the : Permenhut No.  P.38/Menhut-II/2009  as the regulation for the procedure of verifying the legality for timber industry. In the regulation, every industry that uses trees, forest or wood are obliged to obtain the S.V.LK.. certificate . Beginning in 2014, wood product exporters must have the  S.V.L.K. certification. In other side, the Indonesian government guarantee that every company that has S.V.L.K are using the legal wood. 
With this regulation, the Indonesian government rules the wood industries to use the legal sources for their production. It is intended to prevent illegal logging and ensure the forest preservation in Indonesia. TO get the certificate the company must have clear documentation about the origin about the wood, the recording at the production process the the shipment of the wood product.  With the clear document,  then every pieces of the wood flow can be tracked. By this system, then we can ensure that the legal wood is used properly in the factory.
The SVLK certificate also require some other documents due to the Indonesian law for the business legality. Some other document that are needed are: the document for legal firm, the N.P.W.P. (the taxpayer identification number), business license, company regulation for the employment, company regulation for the health and safety. The company that has the SVLK is not only proof that he uses legal wood, but is also  registered as a legitimate company under Indonesian law.
The SVLK  verification system is the Indonesian government program; It has been being socialized trough many media, events to the association and the wood industry since 2009.  With the goal, in the year 2014 all industries that use wood, forest and natural materials must have the S.V.L.K.

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