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Bona, the solution for wood floor

Bona is company who focus to doing the wood flooring business.  Started with small company who sell  the wax and oil finish at the 1919, now the company has been growing to become the leader in the wood flooring business. Now Bona has distribution network in over 70 countries around the world. He has wide range of product from the material and equipment to care floor, the material and equipment to install the wood floor, the finishing material for wood floor and the wood flooring product with many models and design. He also provides the professional team to do the installation, maintenance and renovation the wooden floor.

bona wood flooring system

As a leading company in the wood floor business Bona position as the solution and the reliable partner in the wood flooring business. Its existence in the wood floor business for over 90 years has proven that he is a trustworthy company. He has the knowledge, technology and experience to handle any problem about wood flooring. More than that, he also has the networking and good reputation in wood flooring business. 
He also keep open for new business partnership. If you like to sell product, then you can apply to become his distributor. If you are the wood flooring manufacturer, then you may become his vendor.  If you are interior designer or private person want to use the wood floor in your houses then you can go to Bona to get consultation to get the right product and system. 
For more information you can go to visit his website in here: for Wood Floors!

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