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Mural is the art of painting wall, fence, room or permanent buildings. As part of finishing, mural has been known since long time ago; it could be the first finishing techniques known in the human life. Many findings from the prehistoric indicate that early humans who lived in caves have painted their cave walls using fats, blood or resin plant. Until now, mural art is still very close to our lives. In our in childhood we liked to paint or write at the walls to create "graffiti art" in our homes. Therefore it is very normal if mural art is favored by many people until now.

mural finish
 mural finish at Ganjuran church

The mural art is developing together with the human civilization. The images, model and style of the mural will always follow the development of human culture from time to time. The technique to do mural is also develop according the development of the finishing industry. There many inventions have been developed in the equipment, paint material and technique to do the mural. Now, we still can find the manually painting technique with pencil, brush or rag. The modern finishing material industry has been providing a wide range of finishing materials to help the mural artist to get the images he need. The modern finishing material is not only providing paint with many color to create picture or image, but also some special finishing material to make many effect such: texture, wood grain looked, marble, antic effect, gold, silver looked and many other special finish

wood grain mural
mural to make wood grain looked
The other mural technique is the air brush. This technique is considered the more modern that the manual paint with using brush. The small spray gun and templates are used to coloring the wall, form the image, letter and pictures. This technique will produce more clean, firm and smooth shape images. With the skill full artist, then any model and image with many colors can be created with more natural and clean looked. The spray technique will leave no brush mark and give more even paint result. The finishing material that is most used are the solvent base, since the spray need the fast dry fast finishing material. Some mural artist combine the spraying technique with brushing to create the special finish looked.
The other modern mural is the digital printing mural. It can be considered as the digital technology mural. The image is created by the computer program. Then the image is printed at poster or canvas which is then pasted to a wall surface. The vinyl film is the most used material as the canvas. With the proper glue and vinyl material, the sticker can be applied according to the wall or building condition. With special type of vinyl and glue this poster is available to be used for outdoor building. The digital printing mural allows us to create images with almost unlimited choices. With the computer program, any photo, letter and any images from creative design can be printed and transferred to the wall mural. This technology also allows the mural buyer to do the interaction with the artist by the internet. The buyer can send the images and get the simulation about the images he ordered by internet before he decide to order the product.
Having a house or a room with the painted walls would be very special, but before we decided to choose any images or picture in our wall, we need to make sure it will make or building to be better looked. The right images and proper quality is very important to get the maximum advantages of the mural. Here are some things we need to be considered when decide to applied murals in our building.
  • Design and architectural of the building
A mural is not just a technique of painting or create images at wall as the media, but is the art to enhance and maximize the beauty of the wall, building or room. The shape of the building, the architectural of the building, and the theme of the room must be considered as the ingredients to produce a room or space with the desired atmosphere. The mural must work together with the decor and furnishings of the room to maximize and build the theme and atmosphere we want to get form the building.
  • Function of the building.
Murals on buildings should be made by considering the function of the building. The images at the wall will create the impression and atmosphere the room. Make sure that the impression resulted y the mural is accord to the function of the room. The conflict between the impression and the function with the room or building will resulted to uncomfortable situation. For example the calm atmosphere is proper for the bed room where people want to take rest or relax. While the dynamic atmosphere and frenetic is suitable to the spaces that are used for activities such as living room , office or working room.
  • Conditions of the wall.
Mural uses the wall, pole or building as the medium to draw. Make sure that the paint and finishing material used is suitable with the wall surface. The improper material will lead to the adhesion problem at the finishing. Make sure that the wall is dry and stable before we start to apply the paint. The unstable media can cause problems to the painting. The painting can be decolorize or even exfoliate if there is physically or chemically changes at the wall. The “wet” wall also affects to the sticking of the poster and lead to the detachment of the digital printing mural. 

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