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Chippendale furniture style.

Chippendale furniture was recorded as the high class furniture in the middle of the 18th century… Read more Chippendale furniture style.

The furniture design

Furniture style. Today the furniture style is very important thing in furniture product. At this… Read more The furniture design

Furniture trend in 2010

The furniture model  At this time most of the furniture product is already a fashion product. Alt… Read more Furniture trend in 2010

Rattan furniture styles and models

Rattan furniture models and styles Furniture made of rattan has different models with wood… Read more Rattan furniture styles and models

Rattan for furniture

rattan chair Rattan is one of the materials for furniture making that is also much… Read more Rattan for furniture

Furniture product and style

Furniture product & styles   Baby furniture   Batik for wood furniture Clamshell fo… Read more Furniture product and style