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Bed, is not just furniture for sleeping

Bed is the furniture that specially designed as the place for lye down, relax or sleeping, but actu… Read more Bed, is not just furniture for sleeping

Coffee table

Coffee table (cocktail table) is a table to serving drinks. And because the coffee is probably the… Read more Coffee table

Eco furniture.

Eco furniture is furniture that is environmentally friendly. It is the action from the furniture… Read more Eco furniture.

How to choose the furniture.

Furniture is one of the human basic needs. Every person need s a house as a place to live and e… Read more How to choose the furniture.

Warehouse for furniture

The people who are dealing with furniture business will always need to prepare a warehouse as a p… Read more Warehouse for furniture

Furniture trend in 2010

The furniture model  At this time most of the furniture product is already a fashion product. Alt… Read more Furniture trend in 2010