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Furniture product and style

Furniture product & styles   Baby furniture   Batik for wood furniture Clamshell fo… Read more Furniture product and style

How to choose the furniture.

Furniture is one of the human basic needs. Every person need s a house as a place to live and e… Read more How to choose the furniture.

Antique furniture finishing 1

Antique style furniture is still quite popular today. The definition of antique is an old things… Read more Antique furniture finishing 1

Furniture substrate

Woods, wood products and other furniture substrate  Wood   Acacia wood   American ash wood… Read more Furniture substrate

Antique furniture

antique furniture Antique furniture is the furniture which is relic from the past. The ant… Read more Antique furniture

Recycled wood furniture

Recycled timber Recycled timber or recycled wood is wood materials that come from the old … Read more Recycled wood furniture

What is furniture finishing?

Why we need to finish the furniture? Finishing furniture is a process that requires time, labor… Read more What is furniture finishing?

Garden furniture

Furniture for garden or park. Many buildings, especially the large buildings are equipped with a … Read more Garden furniture