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Coconut wood for furniture

Coconut tree   Coconut is tropical palm tree that is much grows in coastal areas. This palm tr… Read more Coconut wood for furniture

Kiln dry

Kiln dry or wood oven is facility to dry the wood. It is a basic equipment in the woodworking indu… Read more Kiln dry

Moisture content of the wood

T he moisture content of the wood is very important thing in the woodworking industry. Wood is … Read more Moisture content of the wood

Teak wood for furniture

Teak wood furniture Teak wood Teak wood (tectona grandis) is considered as one of the b… Read more Teak wood for furniture

Laminated wood for furniture.

Wood is still the main raw material for furniture until today.  There could be many other materials… Read more Laminated wood for furniture.

Furniture substrate

Woods, wood products and other furniture substrate  Wood   Acacia wood   American ash wood… Read more Furniture substrate

Mango wood for furniture

Mango wood  mango wood has nice, unique and irregular grain pattern Mango trees are … Read more Mango wood for furniture

The risk of wet wood

Wood is indeed a unique and interesting material. Wood is a natural raw material with properties th… Read more The risk of wet wood

Wood for fence.

Wooden fence will bring the attractive appearance for building, yard, park or garden. The wooden f… Read more Wood for fence.

The insect problem in the wood furniture

The wood furniture and wood product are high risk to get problem with insect. There are many insect… Read more The insect problem in the wood furniture