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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Office furniture

Office is a room which is become very important in the modern human’s life. Office is the place where people work and in the present life, then most people may spend most of their time to do activities in the office. The office room of course also requires furniture to support the activities inside. The office furniture will need different model and type from the furniture to another room. The office needs furniture that could support the working activities inside the room. The cabinets as place for files, shelves to place books and magazines and computer desk are the furniture that dominates in the office.

To produce a maximal result, the people in the office need to be supported with the pleasant atmosphere. The proper office furniture in the office room could be important supporting elements to produce maximum results in the job. Therefore the selection of office furniture should also be done carefully. The office room should be decorated appropriately so that a pleasant office atmosphere can be obtained and the better productivity of the people who work in it can be achieved.

Here are tips on choosing and managing the office furniture.
  • Choose the proper furniture according to the office’s activity.
The furniture products are bought with the main purpose are to be used, therefore the function of the item should be considered in the selection of the furniture. The type, model and furniture quality must be fulfilled so the furniture can support the activities in the office. Activities of each office can vary depending on the type of work in it and of course this will determine the type of furniture needed. But in generally the office furniture products are cabinets, computer desks, working desk and chair. Many model are available, but mostly the simple form and model are most commonly available.
  •  Choose furniture that is simple yet strong.
Furniture in an office usually will often be moved and re arranged for various reasons. The new jobs, new people will be followed with the change of the room arrangement. Since then, the office furniture should be movable, simple and strong enough. The furniture with simple shapes would be more easily lifted according to the changing in the room. The simple form furniture which also makes the cleaning process can be done more easily.
  •   Choose the appropriate finishing.
The office space also requires an attractive atmosphere. Most people may spend most of their activating time in the office. They are work in the office for 8 hours and then go home for take a rest or sleep. The office room is important space in the modern human life. The color selection is a tool that can be used to make the office atmosphere to be more fresh and interesting. Choose furniture colors that can bring a comfortable situation. The muted and fresh color is a good choice. The medium bright colors can also be used to bring the atmosphere to be more lively and dynamic. Avoid colors that are too bright and too “heavy” since it will bring to the heavy and exhausting atmosphere.

The finishing for the office furniture should strong enough and safe for human health. The PU, AC, NC  or water based can be used since they are quite simple. The other finishing type such as: U.V. coatings or flat line finished are also lot of used since it suitable with the furniture form.
  • The maintenance and care of the office furniture.
Maintenance of office furniture should be done well. Routine cleaning is an important thing to do. Many studies show that office furniture could be the place where lots of bacteria that interfere the human health were found. Routine cleaning is usually done by a specialized staff, but it is better if everyone who uses the furniture was also given responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness and neatness of their furniture


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