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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saws in the woodworking

Saw is the main tool for cutting wood in the woodworking industry. Saw is made of a thin plate or chain with sharp serrated teeth on. The saw uses the teeth to friction the wood to make the cutting. By this way it can cut the object with the straight and flat surface with less pressure as the blade. The saw cuts the wood little by little and can make a shape in accordance with the direction of the saw blade movement.

  • Manual saw
It is the simplest type of saw. It is a thin metal plate with teeth gear that serves as a cutting tool at one side. When it is used, the saw must be moved manually. This tool is the forerunner of all kinds of saws that are available today. The manual saws are made in different sizes to meet the needs of the woodworking and carpentry industry. The saw could be in the big size to cut the big tree. Now, the saw machines are available to replace the uses of big hand work to move the teeth blade. The manual saws now, most are in the small size for cutting or shaping the small size objects.
The jig saw is the simple development for the manual saw. The jig saw uses motor to drive the saw teeth to move automatically; the people work is to feed the work piece to the saw to be cut off.

  • Circular saw
It uses a disc plate with saw teeth on the ring as the cutting tool. The object is moved toward the circular saw to let the circumstances truncated objects. The saw is powered by motor to rotate the disc with specific rpm.  The circular plate can be fitted in a table with various positions. In the panel saw, the circular saw is mounted straightly for cutting boards and panels. The circular saw with a tilted position can be used to create special oblique angle object. The portable saw with small size are also available for cutting the small objects.

panel saw
  • Band saw
The band saw is the development of the jig saw. It uses a flexible metal shaped which rotating automatically by the power machine. The work piece is feed to the saw to be cut. The saw is available in various sizes and can be used to cut objects with big size and thickness. The big band saw is used in the rough mill to cut the log to make sawn timber.

  • Chain saw.
Chain saw is used chain where the saw teeth are mounted. The chain is rotated with the engine power when it is operated. By using the chain then more flexible movement can be held. The chain saw with relatively small size can be used to cut and penetrate the big and thick objects. But the using of chain make the teeth saw blade must be relatively large in the size. The result is it will generate more waste then the circular saw or band saw. The chain saw is widely used for cutting trees in the forest when a compact cutting tool but has the ability to cut the big objects is required.

Tips in selecting and using the saw.
  • Customize the type and size of the saw according with the type and volume of work.
When we choose the saw, we must make sure it fit well with the work needed. Determine the type of work required and then calculate the volume of work, and then we can choose the most suitable type of chain saw according to the job required. Saw with a large size requires big power and also produce a lot of waste. The band saw or manual saw will give the least waste; otherwise the chain saw is the most waste
  • Do a good maintenance.
The saw is actually a simple tool, but it is also dangerous. Little mistake result from any reason such as the careless handle or improper equipment setting can result in a severe injury. Therefore, the proper treatment is needed to keep the tools in good condition. Always check the tool condition before use it. The teeth are main tool for cutting, and then they should be kept to be sharp. In the automatic machine, then the blade has to be well engaged. The lose blade is very dangerous since it can hurt the people around him.


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