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Clear Coating for wood finishing

Clear coating is a finishing material that form and build the film layer. The main function of this film is to provide protection to color of finishing and substrate underneath. There are many types of clear coating available now that each will give different strength and look for the finishing resulted. Clear coating is made of a mixture of resin with 1 or more main resin that will determine the main characters of the clear coating. A type of clear coating is mainly determined by the primary resins inside. The types of clear coating that mostly used in furniture finishing are: nitrocellulose, acrylic, polyurethane, acid curing, ultra violet coating, vinyl, water based coating.
Instead of determine the strength of the finishing, the clear coating will also determine the finishing look. Finishing look is an important finishing character instead of color. The finishing look is how the finish look like such as: old look, new, bright, soft, etc. The finishing look that determined with clear coating are: smooth (feel) of the surface, gloss, film thickness, lustrous and clarity. 

The selection of the type of the clear coating in the finishing process should be mainly based on the desired look and strength of the finishing required and the look of finishing desired. Every clear coating type will give special character with their advantages and disadvantages. For example the nitrocellulose clear coating gives the most clear film (the best looked) but it will give less strength. On the other hand the polyurethane coating gives the strong and scratch resistant film but the appearance cannot be as clear as nitrocellulose clear coating.
In finishing application clear coating can be designed to do many functions. According to the function clear coating can be grouped into: top coat, flow coat, sealer and wash coat.

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