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Considerations before start finishing

The finishing process is the last execution in the process of making furniture. The finishing process is like a dress or cosmetic in the furniture product. He will determine the look and appearance of the furniture and in the same time he will give protection to the product. The proper finishing is very important to maximize the maximum value of the furniture. As  the last process, the finishing must be done in accordance to the previuos process. There are many aspect in the furniture need to be considered before we decide to start the finishing proces. The decision at the finishing will determine result to the final product; the proper finishing will significantly give the added value to the product, vice versa the improper finishing will be big waste since it can ruin the beauty to the product..

Here are the aspects need to be considered before star the finishing process.
  • Function of the furniture.
A good furniture product, still has to fulfill his function as a household in the house, office, room, park or other place where the product is placed. Furniture product need finishing which is strong enough to provide adequate protection for the furniture to do his job. Because of this reason we need to choose the right finishing material according to the uses of the furniture product. The finishing material selection has to matches with the needs of protection desired by its furniture products. For example nitrocellulose coating is more use for indoor furniture, polyurethane is suitable for dining furniture, door and hotel furniture, for outdoor furniture needs the special finishing material that strong enough to withstand the weather outdoor, etc. 
  • Design, model and shape of furniture.
The objective of finishing is to give added value to a product furniture. Therefore, finishing must be able to add the beauty of a furniture product. Finishing need to follow the style and model of the furniture, for example a model with classic furniture will look more beautiful and interesting if finished in the classic style but it will look strange and ugly with contemporary finishing. Every styles of furniture models they will always need the right finishing to produce an high end furniture product. The finishing job is to enhance the beauty of model and design of furniture to make a good piece of product. 
  • Furniture substrate
Furniture can be made from various raw materials such as wood, metal, plastic, resin, rattan, and many other materials. Each of these attributes have different characters so they need different ways of treatment and also different finishing material. Wood as the main raw material for making furniture has many types that each has unique characters and properties that each require a different treatment. They all need to get the proper finishing system and materials to maximized the beauty and uniqueness of their characters.
  •  Equipments and facilities available.
To apply finishing material usually requires a finishing equipment and facilities for a particular application. Coating or painting as finishing the most popular finishing material used now mostly are designed to applied with spray gun. The other material are designed to be applied with some special equipment, such as: spray gun, roller, electrostatic, etc. When the finishing process is done in a finishing room where equipment and facilities finishing complete enough, almost all of the finishing process can be done easily. But for a finishing process that will be done in the household, where the equipment is not available, the finishing process can be done is limited. This reason will determine the finishing process and material that can be used to do finishing job. 
  • Finishing cost.
A finishing process requires: time and cost for labor, material and facilities. Depend on the final finishing look, cost of finishing of finishing can be very cheap or very expensive. A simple finish just need a layer of coating or just oil or wax application and it is will be inexpensive. But a complex finishing may require expensive finishing materials and take long time process and sometimes need special equipment to do the process. That all make the finishing cost could be very high. When we specify a type of finishing with a certain quality it is need to be considered the cost of finishing that can be accepted by both sides, both the manufacturer and the purchaser. And since the end goal of the finishing process is to produce a salable product, so finishing cannot became too expensive that make the product is not economical anymore.

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