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Furniture finishing and wood finishing

The furniture finishing is more known as a paint or coating application. It is very reasonable since almost all the application of coating, paint or other finishing material are the main activities in the finishing process. Actually the finishing has more aspects instead of just coating application. Sanding, polishing, rubbing are included in the finishing process that also playing important role. There are also some finishing material that is not classified as the coating or painting such as: wax, oil, shellac, oil, etc. According to its term, the furniture finishing can be defined as the last process in furniture making. I define the furniture finishing as last process of furniture manufacturing create the look and color of the furniture product. Some action included the finishing are the: sanding, staining, glazing, distressing, polishing, rubbing, coating application, waxing and buffing.
The finishing process depend to the final finishing look, color and quality. Various types and models of furniture need the different look, color and quality. Some furniture products may require a very “complex” finishing with special finishing materials and special equipment, while the other furniture just needs the "simple" finishing. 
Finishing is a process that will develop and form the color and look of a furniture product. Finishing can make a furniture to be clean, smooth, flat, such as new product and finishing also can make furniture to be looked dirty, antique, ancient, such as hundreds years age goods. Finishing can make very flat and smooth surface or make surface to be uneven, texture, cracked, or many other effects. Finishing can be made with a thin layer or very thick film. Finishing is vary from the very simple to the most complex. 
According with the development of the furniture finishing technology, the finishing materials and equipment also keep develop and grow. Now many types of finishing materials are available to be used depend on the requirement and many types finishing equipment are developed to let finishing process can be done in very high speed and good result.

teak wood finishing

finishing for teak wood

Wood finishing

Wood finishing is finishing process for woods or wood products. Wood finishing is very close and related to the furniture finishing. Often when we mention the term wood finishing envisaged in our brain is furniture finishing and vice versa. This is because the wood is the main material to make furniture. High end furniture that requires a complex finishing, mostly are made from the woods or wood products. Although there are lot of new materials developed to make furniture such as rattan, plastic, metal or resin, but wood has unique characters that cannot be replaced with other substrate. The knowledge and skills for finishing the wood is the main base which is very important to do the furniture finishing.
Actually wood finishing is not the same with furniture finishing. There are many models of furniture that are not made of wood and there are many products made of wood that are not furniture. The parquet flooring, wall paneling, decking, and some of wood product that are not furniture. The process for finishing of wood products are very similar to the principles for the process finishing of wood furniture. Wood is a natural product that is unique, then the knowledge about the characters of the wood is very important to understand wood finishing and furniture finishing. But in furniture finishing we need to complete the wood finishing knowledge with a touch of art. The furniture finishing has to consider the models and style to make an interesting, nice look furniture product.

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