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Precatalyzed clear coating

The precatalyzed clear coating is the Acid curing clear coating which is made in 1 pack component. The other disadvantage of acid curing clear coating is that the material consists of 2 components of the paint and catalyst (hardener) which must be mixed with a certain ratio when used. After the paint is mixed with his hardener it will react and dry or harden, although still mixed with his thinner. The time for drying after the paint is mixed with his hardener is called pot life. This make the paint is more difficult to be handled than nitrocellulose paint which is dry without chemical reaction.

Therefore to make easier in application, the acid curing paint has been developed to the acid curing with 1 component, known as acid curing precatalyzed. Precatalized acid curing clear coating, as precat sealer or top coat is an acid curing sealer or top coat but it is a 1 component. The paint and hardener is mixed at the time when the paint was made; the chemical reaction will occur during the thinner evaporation. This paint is easier in application, but the resulting film layer is not as strong as acid curing paint with 2 components. The resulting film layer is also thinner than the 2 component acid curing paint.

The 1 pack component make the application is easier, but it also shorten the life time for the coating. The mixing of the hardener and the coating makes the material will spoil faster then the 2 component material that are packed separately. The melamine coating can stay for 1 year in the good condition when the coating and the hardener are kept separately, but the precat coating usually only has 6 months life time.

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