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Sealer and wash coat for wood finishing


Sealer is a finishing material that is designed to make a smooth and flat surface finishing after being sanded and coated with top coat. The sealer application should always be followed with sanding process and application of top coat or other sealer. Material to make sealer is the same material to make top coat but with a different additive. Into the sealer there is additive materials called sanding agent to help the sanding process. The sanding agent is a kind a powder that will reduce the heat arising from the friction between the sandpaper and the sealer in sanding operation. The sanding agent will minimized the clogging (sealer stacked at the sandpaper)in the sanding operation.

Wash coat

Wash coat is a sealer that is made thinner than regular sealer. It is made by added some more thinner in the mixture of sealer. The solid content of the wash coat should be at about 10%. The objective of the wash coat application is to form a thin film layer. Wash coat application is widely used in the finishing process that uses glaze. The wash coat application build a thin film layer which is  enough to protect the stain underneath, but is not too thick. The wash coat is designed to let the glaze be able to penetrate and fill to the wood pores and grains. This system will keep the  glaze to enhance the beauty of the pores and grains.

Wash coat is also can be used to take care the soft wood such as: sengon, pine, agathis, etc. Wash coat can be coated at the first step to cover the soft wood. Then, after being sanded, a smooth wood surface is obtained. This process will reduce the "too much absorption" of the wood stain and minimize the blotchy color or spot at the soft wood.

Wash coat application in the finishing process is also help to make smooth surface quickly. Wash coat is a thin sealer that will dry faster than the thick sealer. When wash coat dry, then most of the wood fibers stiff and easily to be cut off with a simple scuff sanding. With a simple scuff sanding mostly the wood fibers off the wood will cut off and cleaned; it helps to obtain the smooth finish surface. Since the wash coat is thin coat, then it dry faster and sanded easier then the thick sealer layer. It will reduce the sanding time at the whole finishing process.

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