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Antique furniture finishing 1

Antique style furniture is still quite popular today. The definition of antique is an old things; things which already stay and used for long time, decades or hundreds of years aged. Antique furniture is old-fashioned furniture, which is a relic of the past. The real antique furniture of course today was no longer available in the furniture market because it has been destroyed or damaged with age. The antique furniture is still exist there might be placed only in the museum of antiquities or at the collectors but not in the furniture stores or in resident' s houses. The antique furniture that available in the market now, is antique-style furniture, the furniture which is made and produced with design and appearance like antique furniture (antique reproduction).
Antique furniture style is made with imitation or design based on the model furniture products in the past. Since when do people know about the furniture? It must have been a long time, maybe the same time as humans know the house and residence. Then with the development of civilization is the need for furniture is growing, too. The styles and models of furniture are also always changing and growing following the changes in civilization. One model of development that are considered essential furniture for the furniture industry today is the development model that occurred in England, France and America. Many peoples in Europe and America as a big market for furniture industries today, like furniture with a model and looks like their goods existed in the past. Therefore, the antique furniture made today most are made with design based on models of furniture that never existed in England, France and the United States, especially from the early 17th century to the present.

Antique furniture finishing

Antique furniture products always need the right finishing the match an antique appearance. Antique finishing process is the finishing process that makes furniture is looked like old furniture, as if the furniture was made and has been used since many years, (hundreds) years ago. Is inconceivable that the furniture that already hundreds of years old must have been dirty, dusty, damaged, lots of stains mark or mildew or there are some holes caused by worms or termites. Need also to be considering that the antique furniture was made at a time when modern finishing materials and equipments were not available yet. At that time furniture products were finished with a very simple process, using traditional finishing materials such as: oil, wax, or even just polished without painted at all. Antique finishing is the finishing techniques to produce a product made furniture today with the equipments and materials available today to create the appearance of old or antique, as if such the furniture is has become dirty or damaged due to age and usage.
This antique finish has a very wide range. There are many types and models that can be categorized finishing as a kind of antique finishing; starting from the most simple to complex, from the relatively clean appearance to the dirty, broke, or destroyed looked. The principle of antique finishing is to produce an old looked furniture product. How old appearance of a product should mainly follow the furniture design. A furniture design based on the style of furniture in the 17th century should be looked older, more damaged, more dirty than the designed furniture products based on product style furniture in the 19th century. But now, the style or appearance of a model of furniture products is made and decided by furniture designer and finally judged by the market tastes. So how is an antique finish, what effects of antique that used, or how dirty, or how damaged an antique furniture depends on the taste of the furniture designer who designed it and finally will be judged by the market.

antique natural finish

Antique finishing 1
An antique finishing looked with little distress, quite clean, and closer to the classic style. This is an imitation of old stuff which is always taken care and keeps in the good handling by the owner. The distress is little, but it still show that is an old piece, the glaze is left in the inside of the inside part to show little hang up and stain application is designed to make an old elegance look.

Antique finishing solid color

antique sand trough finish

Antique finishing for solid color with some sand through

antique wood finishing

antique transparent finish

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