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Glaze application to make antique wood furniture

Glaze to make antique look 
Instead of forming color, glaze can also be used to create the antique look, such as: dirty look , dirty mark, stain mark, dusty look or other effects that needed for antique furniture product. Some effects that can be made by using glaze to make antique look are: burnish glaze, cow tail, smudging and spatter. The most widely technique to get the effect is with dry brush technique. The glaze is brushed on the parts needed. Unlike the application to form a color, the glaze application for antique process is only done on the parts that needed it with the techniques of application according to the desired effect.

Burnish glaze. 
Burnish is a dark color effect on the some parts in furniture, usually at the corners or edges to give the dirty appearance and dark effect to the edges parts. This effect is usually done by brush the glaze on the edges.

Dry brush in the furniture make old and antique looked

Cow tail 
Cow tail is a dirty look or spots like get cow tail marks. Its application can be done with a brush or other special tool specifically designed to apply glaze to duplicate the cow tail mark in the finishing.

cow tail

Cow tail and burnish glaze make furniture looked old and dirty

Spatter, specs, splash

Spatter is some small spots on the finish. This effect is made using air spray gun, the air pressure and the volume valve is adjust in the low position so the material is not perfectly atomized, but just splash on the finish.

Spatter in finishing to make more antique looked

antique finish with glaze
antique furniture finish

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