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How to use the spray gun for furniture finishing 2

Spray technique (spray gun moving techniques) 
The spraying techniques include: setting the distance between the spray gun with a coated surface, the speed of spray gun movement, spray gun position, and how the movement of spray gun. To obtain optimal results the way the spraying must be done properly and this requires the basic knowledge and enough practice and exercise. Some basic things that must be considered in the spraying techniques are:
  • The movement of spray gun ( gun stroke) should be a smooth and consistent, with a speed is about 7 m / min.
  • Spray gun held to always remain perpendicular to the surface of sprayed surface area, except for certain parts such as corners, or cracks, carving, or some other special shape.
  •  Every stroke of spray gun is done so the material covers half area from the previous spraying (overlap 50%).
  • The distance of the spray gun is kept in about 15cm-25cm.from the surface area
  • Finishing the material out when spray gun is moved to be set fixed unchanging, the trigger spray gun should in fully open position, while the amount material setting has done by setting spray gun at the beginning. When we stroke the gun we focus on the movement of the spray gun without annoying by the trigger the gun.
  • Spray gun triggers should be release of as much as possible just before it reached the end of the sprayed area
  • For spraying large object, then start spraying in the invisible (not important) part such as: the bottom, back, inside, while the most visible and should look good such as the front or the top leaves is sprayed at the last.

Spray horizontal surface

Spray vertical surface


Spray for cabinet

The wrong spray movement

The right spray movement

The right position of spray gun

Spray too far

Spray to close

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