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How to match color in the wood furniture finishing

The furniture industry today is getting more difficult to find the good wood as raw material for his production. The issues of forest conservation for save the earth has made the wood is interpreted to limit the wood logging. This situation bring the wood to be more expensive and more difficult to be found. Furniture industry as one of the industries that need the wood encounter many problems with wood, the increasing prices, and the quality of timber that averagely become lower. One of the problems in the wood for the furniture industry is the base color of wood which often vary from one part to another part. The wood color variation is happened even though the wood is the same type. While the furniture market requires the quality product becomes higher and higher. The color of the wood furniture need to be the same all the time for the whole product.
To produce same color or at least a well blended color of furniture products made from wood with varying base colors, some special treatment is required. One technique to make uniform color in the finishing process is by using stains to equate the colors of the wood. We can prepare a special stain to uniform the variation of the wood color. The stain operation to equate the wood variation color is done in the first step of finishing process, before he application of body stain. The body stain is wood stain that applied to get the desired color. Color equaling is more needed when the finishing color is a light transparent color. In the light color the wood base color variation will be looked more obviously. For the dark finishing colors, the color variation will be covered and hidden by the thick and dark stain. For finishing with a solid color the variation color of the wood base is not be problem since it will be covered entirely by the stain (paint).

The color variation of the wood finish
There are 2 kinds of stain that an be used to equate the wood base color, the sap stain and equalizer stain. Sap stain usually is brown color, it is used to bring the wood with light color to go to the dark wood color. While equalizer stains stain was used to tone down a certain colors in the wood that seems striking and disturbing the overall color. The best stain for sap stain or equalizer is stain with inorganic pigments, because inorganic pigment has covering properties better than organic pigments stain. The color selection of sap stain and equalizer stain need to consider with the wood base color and the final finishing color desired. Sap stain is usually in brown color, while the most equalizer stain is green color to cover and tone down the red color. Applications sap stain stain and equalizer is done by dry spray or medium wet spray in the unequal parts, until get the equal color for the whole surface.
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color variation in the white wood

The stain application will make the wood color be more equal.
The uses of the sap stain and stain equalizer is already a standard procedure in the finishing industry to anticipate the variation of wood color. The selection color of sap stain and equalizer stain is part of the whole finishing process. Since that the color of sap stain and equalizer stain is based on the color variation of the wood and the desired final finishing color. One tool that can be chosen to help to select the color of sap stain and stain equalizer is using the color wheel diagram. Usually we need 2 different stains, a sap stain and an equalizer stain to equate the wood base color. But for the extreme conditions where the wood color variation is very far sometimes we need to use several sap stain and equalizer stain.

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