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Cup gun for furniture finishing

Cup gun is spraying equipment which has a cup attached to the spray gun. The cup is the container to place the finishing material. This equipment is very practical, relatively simple, and easy to be carried, used and cleaned. The resulting job is very good quality with high speed. Cup gun is spraying equipment in the smallest sizes. Spray gun is more suitable for small-scale job. But for the large scale finishing industry, this equipment is still widely used, especially for touch-up work, for the correction to some missed work by the bigger spraying equipment.
There are 2 kinds of cup gun, the gravity cup gun and suction cup or siphon feed cup gun

Gravity cup gun

In the gravity cup gun the finishing material is placed in the cup which is in higher position with the spray gun. In the gravity cup gun the finishing liquid flow into the atomization room (nozzle) due to gravity force and then atomized by the air pressure flow at nozzle.

Suction cup gun or siphon feed cup gun

In the suction cup gun the finishing material is placed in the cup attached below the gun. The finishing material is suck into the nozzle because of the suction force of the very fast air flow in the atomization room (nozzle) and then atomized by compressed air. The air flows through the nozzle spray gun in which the room is enlarge so that the air flow becomes very fast. The fast air flow makes the pressure in the nozzle room became very low. The difference in pressure between the nozzle and the cup will pull and suck the finishing material into the nozzle to then mix with air pressure and then the atomization is happened.

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