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Exhaust fan for wood furniture finishing

To do the finishing job with relatively small volume and in the area where the air pollution is not big issues, then we can build a simple facility to the do the finishing process. The finishing job may can be  done in open area or big room as long as the air can flow freely. If the finishing job is quite big volume and we have to ensure the room to be free from the dust spray but we don,t want to build spray booth, then we can mount an exhaust fan in the wall of the finishing room. Exhaust fan do the exhausting of the dust spray by sucking out dust spray and keep the air inside the room stay clean. There is no filter or water fall as the spray booth. It work well to clean the finishing room, but since dust spray is not filtered, then the air with the finishing material dust will spread into the outside room. It may against to the environment and people around. Since that, it must be ensured that the finishing room is located in a safe place The finishing room should be far away from the residential population. If the finishing room is close to the people live, the exhaust fan should be equipped with filters.

exhaust fan for finishing room

Compared with the spray booth, the cost of the exhaust fan is less expensive in investment and operational cost. This system could be a good choice to start a furniture finishing business if environmental conditions allow. As well as the spray booth, exhaust fan should be cleaned every period of time. 
There is no filtering of finishing material before withdrawn by exhaust fan. This makes exhaust fan will be easily filled and dirty with finishing materials dust. But luckily this is an open facility. What we need to do is regularly checking and cleaning to the fan. If there is any problem with the exhaust fan then we have to fix it to avoid the big explosion since the fire risk of the finishing material. This open condition also makes people be simpler to do the cleaning and maintenance to the fan.

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