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Finishing color for mahogany furniture

Mahogany wood is very popular and widely used in the furniture industry. Mahogany wood has nice appearance and easy to be processed. The mahogany wood is also relatively easy to be sourced  with reasonable price. That make the mahogany wood is favorite by furniture manufacturer company.


mahogany furniture with red brown transparent finish

antique mahogany finish

Mahogany wood can be used and formed to make furniture in many model and style. Almost all models and styles of indoor furniture products can be made with mahogany wood. Almost all furniture finishing model can be applied on the mahogany wood. We can find the mahogany furniture are finished with many models from the antique, classic, rustic to the contemporary. The wash finish or paint finish with many model and color are also commonly used for the mahogany wood.
The mahogany wood is special since it has strong character of grain but with soft looked. The transparent finish should be the best choice for the mahogany wood. With the right stain and proper application we can show and enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the grain looked of the wood. Finishing with transparent colors with "clean looked" and close pores can produce a luxurious and elegance mahogany furniture product. Meanwhile with the antique, "dirty" finish we can make furniture product to get the attractive and interesting looked.
According to his red brown base color, mahogany wood should be finished in dark brown or red brown color. The dark color will certainly help the finishing peoples to do the finishing process because the base color is already there. The stain needed is small amount to even and blend the overall color looked. That is why the most popular finishing color for mahogany wood is brown color, from red brown to the dark brown color. For other color that contrast from the base color such as green color, for example, there will need a greater effort to catch the final color.

It should be avoided to finish mahogany wood in light color, since it will difficult to hide his red brown basic color. We can kill the red color with apply an appropriate stain, but it will go to darker color. If it is forced to finish mahogany wood in light color, and then there are two things we need to do: select the wood or bleach the wood. The selection of wood means we must choose the white mahogany wood to be used in making furniture. This is of course very difficult, because it will make lots of mahogany wood can not be used, which ultimately makes the price of the product to be expensive. The second choice is to bleaching the wood. This bleaching process is often done in furniture manufacturer industries. However bleaching process should be avoided as much as possible, because it is relatively difficult process, dangerous and takes time. Bleaching process also make the wood became fragile, especially on the outermost layer. 

 mahogany white wash finish

antique red mahogany

Mahogany wood is one of the raw materials of furniture that is very popular and widely used. In some areas, especially the tropical country, mahogany wood is very easy to grow and develop. Since that the mahogany wood is relatively easy to get with relatively cheap price. It makes many furniture manufacturers choose mahogany wood as the raw material for making furniture.
There are also many furniture products with mahogany wood are finished in solid color. Mahogany with a solid color is mostly an antique looked solid color. With the antique white is the most popular.

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