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Finishing cost calculation for furniture finishing

The calculation of finishing cost is very important in the furniture finishing industry. By doing the right calculation, we can estimate the finishing cost to make a certain finishing looked and color at a certain furniture product. If we the finishing shop then we can determine the finishing cost we gonna charge for that finishing. In the furniture factory the finishing cost is also very important to make price for the product. 
The calculation of the cost of finishing is a quite difficult because there many factors that affects the cost of finishing. The material, the time and the people skill are the factors that is not easy to be measured. But however as finishing people we have to calculate or estimate the finishing cost as much as we can. The biggest factor to determine the finishing costs is the finish quality desired. The quality of finishing will determine the finishing process and the finishing materials that used for that finishing requirement. The other factors those affecting the finishing cost are: the application method, efficiency of equipment used, skill of the operator, form and shape of the furniture product, material type, and speed of production.  

While the elements cost of finishing process are: the finishing materials, labor and finishing utility such as sandpaper, rag, brush, compressed air, finishing room, etc. From many factors of the finishing costs, the finishing material is the biggest costs. Since that the calculation of the finishing materials usage in a finishing process is very important to be known to make an accurate calculation of the overall finishing costs. One of the easiest ways to calculate the needs of finishing materials is to measure and record it at the time of the finishing process. This record later can be used to estimate the need of finishing materials on similar products and similar finishing looked and color. The more we experienced and the more record we made will make our estimation in the calculation of the finishing material become more accurate. 

To help in estimating the material finishing calculation there is a table spreading rate of the finishing materials for various types of finishing materials and application method. This table will help to calculate the finishing materials need when the product surface area is known. Please note that the data in the table may not be very accurate. There are some factors that could affect the accuracy of the calculation such as: the operator skill, the speed of production, the product form, the quality of unfinished product, etc

The spreading rate of finishing materials

(The graph is taken from "Akzo Nobel Useful facts and figure")

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