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Finishing room for wood furniture finishing

A special room is needed to do the finishing process. The place to do the finishing process could be the open space, a simple room like a yard, shed, unused garage, etc. but it mus be purposed to do the finishing process. The basin needed for the finishing process is the space to do the work. But to get the good finishing result, the finishing process should be done in a finishing room. It is a place or room which is design and equipped with facilities to do the finishing process. There are some standard facilities, equipment and setting are needed for the finishing room to do the finishing process safe and produces good results
The finishing room design and size is depending on the volume of the finishing job that need to be done. For a small scale of finishing job, a small room with an exhaust fan may be enough. But for a big volume job then the big room with the complete facilities is needed. There are many things need to be considered when we make a detail design of a finishing room is base on the finishing process that will be done and the volume of job

The consideration in the finishing room design.
  • Standard building for the finishing room
To produce a finish with good results, the finishing process requires a place that is free from rain, sunlight, wind, dirt or other disturbing factors. Consider to the safety, the building must meet the standard of rooms building. But for support for the finishing process there some requarimen is needed; the close roof, the floor has to be strong and easy to be cleaned, the walls must be tight, strong enough and secure. This finishing room will be noisy, generate dust and other pollutant when operated, thus finishing this room should be in placed outside from the people resident settlement.
The room should also has at least two door, one for entrance and the other is for exit so if there is dangerous situation, the people can evacuate easily.

finishing room
  • Lighting in the finishing room
Finishing process is the work which is always deal and relate to the color and appearance. Finishing process requires detailed work, since that the proper lighting in the finishing room is very important. The lighting of finishing room should be enough to let the peoples inside can see the product clearly, but should not be too shiny. Too much light may disturb the vision. The room should be designed to be quite clear in the daytime, but avoid the direct sunlight into the room. The direct sunlight is too shiny and disturbing the vision. The lights should be used only when the day got dark, like at night time or in rainy day. The daylight is the best light to see the color. The uses of day light will also save the electricity.

From the color theory we know that the visible color of an object is depending to the light that go to the object. Since that the use of natural light in finishing room is a very important thing to keep the real color of the finishing we make. An inappropriate light for color vision can disrupt the finishing color resulted. The lamps for finishing room should use the natural light lamp, the lamp that provide light as day.
  • Good air circulation in the finishing room
In the room there is a lot of finishing materials, including paint thinner and solvent. When the thinner and solvent is used or stored at the open place he will evaporate. Therefore, the finishing room is easy to be fumed with solvent vapor. Room which is fulled with thinner and solvent vapor is not healthy for the peoples in there and also become dangerous place. The solvent vapor is easy to trigger fire. If there any small spark, then a big fire can be easy generated. Therefore, the finishing room should open enough so that air circulation can occur easily. To keep the air circulation,  the finishing room could also equipped with exhaust fan to release the solvent vapor and replace it with fresh air.
  • Spray booth in the finishing room
Modern finishing process currently mostly use the spray process that will always generate a lot of dust spray. To attract dust and keep this spray in the room is clean, a spray booth is required. Spray booth is a finishing equipment that suck the air and dust spray from the spray process out and keep the room to keep clean. About spray booth you can view in our previous article: spray booth for wood finishing.
  • Safety equipment in the finishing room
Finishing room should be considered as a dangerous place. In the finishing room there is a lot of finishing material that most are highly flammable chemical. In the finishing room there are also many furniture products mostly made from dry wood which is also highly flammable. Even a small mistake could lead to emergence of a spark that will very easy to get fire and even a huge explosion. The fire fighting equipment is the important facility that must be available in the finishing room.

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