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Spray booth for furniture finishing

The spray booth is facility to clean the finishing room and suck up dust spray. The spray booth is an equipment in finishing room that sucking and pulling out the dust spray material in the finishing room to keep the inside finishing room clean. Most of modern finishing process for furniture is done by spray. The spray method can apply  finishing materials quickly with very good result to accommodate the modern finishing quality requirement. But the spray method will always produce dust spray and thinner fume. The dust spray and thinner is a problem since it could contaminate the environment. The dust spray that is generated by the spray process is quite big since the spray application has low efficiency. When we spray the finishing material, only about 30% - 50% of finishing material will coat the surface. It means that about 50% to 70% of the sprayed material will spread to the air as the dust spray. (See our previous article " the spreading rate of finishing material application". )
The exhaust fan with strong power is the main equipment to suck the air and dust spray and exhaust it from the spray room. But since the air and dust spray is chemical that could pollute the environment then it has to be filtered. The air filter is mounted to in the exhausting of the spray room to trap the dust and solid particles and let the clean air go. According to the type of filter used, there are 2 types of spray booth: the dry spray booth and the wet spray booth.

dry spray booth

dry spray booth

Dry spray booth

Dry spray booth is use a dry filter to filter the dust spray. The filter that is commonly used is a sieve made from polyurethane. Some other substrate for the filter are also can be used. The filter is work to hold and capture the dust spray, and let the clean air to exit from the room. 
The filter will be fulfill with finishing materials and so becomes clogged after being used for certain time. When the filter is clogged then it  should be replaced with a new filter so that spray booth can well function again. 
It is very important to make sure that the filter is working well since it also serves to keep the air trough the booth is clean. The dust spray at the exhaust fan blade could lead to the fire danger. The dust spray is highly flammable material. The fan blade which load much finishing material would be very risky to get fire sparked caused by friction between the metal and the finishing material dust. This can lead to big fire disaster to the whole room. Therefore the maintenance of spray booth is very important. The spray booth cleaning and maintenance has to be done periodically to keep the spray booth clean and save. Routine checks for the exhaust fan and replacement of the filter is needed to be done discipline and well scheduled.
The filter replacement frequency is depending on the type of finishing is used and the volume of work. For some furniture finishing with large volume of work, the replacement of filter should be done every day. Replacement filters are also influenced by the type of finishing material is applied at the spray booth. The finishing materials that do not generate much solid material such as stain, the air filter will stay longer. While the finishing material that has more solid materials such as: sealer, top coat and glaze, the filter will more quickly full and clogged. And more often replacement is needed.

For the wet spray booth you can view it in our next article:  wet spray booth

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