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Pressure port or pressure tank in the furniture finishing

To do finishing process in large-scale production, the cup gun is not effective. Each time we do spray, the finishing material in the cup will empty and it need to be refilled. This process wastes time and effort. The other problem is, when we do spray to a big stuff, sometimes the volume of finishing material in the cup is not sufficiently enough to spray the entire surface of the goods, so that the spraying must be paused. The paused spraying on the furniture product should be avoided because it will result in an uneven coating, spray line or dust spray. Moreover the cup gun attached in the gun with finishing material in there is quite heavy and limiting the spray gun movement and make difficulty to spray the inside parts, corners or narrow place.

To overcome the problem then developed spraying equipment with a finishing material placed in a big tank, and is flowed to the spray gun when it is used. The simplest equipment for this purpose is the pressure port or pressure tanks. This equipment consists of a sealed tank containing the finishing materials and is usually equipped with a stirrer for stirring the finishing materials. Compressed air is flowed into the tank to put pressure on the tank to flow the finishing material to the spray gun. The finishing material flows from the tank to the spray gun is mainly caused by the air pressure that is flowed into the tank ans the enough air pressure is needed. This equipment is equipped with pressure regulating tap, a barometer to indicate the pressure, a safety valve and usually also equipped with a stirrer for stirring the material in it. This tool is relatively inexpensive, very simple in handling and operating. The treatment that is needed is just cleaning the tank every time the job is finished or when the material needs to be replaced or refilled.

The installation of pressure port

For a process where the change of the finishing materials are pretty often, this equipment is rather impractical because any time the material change it need time to open the tank, pour the material, washing tank, filling the new material and closed the tank.

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