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Spray gun with pump

Spray gun with pump is more modern equipment than the pressure port. It uses a pump to flow the finishing material to the spray gun. This equipment will give better control to the material flow of the finishing material to the spray gun. There is pump valve or regulator that we can use to control the material flow. The finishing material can be placed in a bucket or pail or drum. The pump is use a hose to flow the liquid from the pail or drum. With this equipment we can change the material faster and easier then the pressure [port. What we need to do is pull of the hose form the finishing material and put on the thinner and run the pump. The thinner will flow to clean the spray gun and the liquid circuit. When the equipment is already clean we can put on the hose to the other finishing material and apply the other finishing material.

The installation of spray gun with pump

For medium-scale production, then the finishing materials are placed in a small place such as a bucket or pail and placed in the finishing room. In this case the finishing material is pumped using the low pressure pump, the commonly used is diaphragm pump. But for finishing job with a very large volume, the finishing materials is put in drums placed in a certain place called the mixing room. In the mixing room the finishing materials are mixed, prepared and stirred in their each container. The finishing material is pumped and flowed by a high pressure pump to the spray gun in the finishing room. Pump that used to flow the finishing materials must be strong enough to flow the material from the mixing room to finishing room which could be quite long distance. The pump used usually is piston type pump which has has greater power. This system make the material transport of the finishing materials can be done quickly and more easily to be controlled. The supervision and control of the finishing materials is done in only 1 room, that is the mixing room. 

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