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Wet spray booth for furniture finishing

Wet spray booth is a spray booth that uses water to filter the dust spray. Water is flowed in front of the exhaust fan and designed to form a curtain waterfall. The air and dust spray material from the spray is suck and flowed through the water curtain. The flowing water will do as a filter to capture and dissolve the dust spray and past the clean air to the environment. In the factory that do the finishing for large volume work, the spray booth filter replacement can be an expensive cost, because we need to replace it quite often. The wet booth is the good option to the finishing shop or furniture factory to facilitate the big volume finishing job.

wet spray booth

To make the waterfall we need to built a flowing plate from stainless steel. The wet spray booth need more expensive initial investment cost than dry spray booth, but will give less  operational costs than the dry spray booth. Wet spray booth does not require frequent replacement of filters as in the dry spray booth. What he needs is enough water to be flowed as an air filter. The water should be replaced after it is becoming dirty and full with finishing materials. With the consideration that the water is cheaper material than the filter, then the operating costs of wet booth will be less expensive than dry booth. In the furniture manufacturer the wet booth is good choice for the stage when the high solid and more material is sprayed; such as: the glaze booth or the paint (base coat) booth.

The wet spray booth releases dirty water when he runs. While the regulation could be restrict people to release the dirty water. So in this condition we need to make a water treatment to clean the dirty water before discharge it. The water treatment can be done by collect and let it settle in a basin. Then flow the water out and let slurry settle and stay at the basin.

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