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Compressor and piping in the finishing room


Compressed air is an important thing in the finishing room. The compressed air is a source of energy needed to the material finishing atomization in the spraying process. The compressed air is also used as an energy source to drive the tools and equipment in rooms such as: sanding machines, pumps and agitator for the finishing materials and other mechanic tools. The using of electric power should be avoided or at least minimized because the risk of sparking. Finishing materials such as thinner, coating, glaze and sealer or lacquer dust are very inflammable. The emergence of the spark in the finishing room will lead to the occurrence of fire in the finishing room.

The compressed air needed in the finishing process must be free from dust, water, oil or grease or other chemicals that can contaminate the finishing materials in the application. The compressed air is the air from the room that is sucked and compressed by compressor to a certain pressure. The pressure of the air  that is needed to atomized finishing material and powered the finishing tool is about 4 – 6 bar (1 bar is equal to 14,7 psi.). The room air which is suck and compressed by the compressor is always dirty; contains water vapor and dust or other dirt. While the air needed to supply the finishing tools must be clean from water, oil or other dirt. Water vapor will condense in the air pipeline when it is cooled. The water that out in the finishing equipment will disrupt the process of finishing since it contaminate the finishing material. Since that, a proper air filter and piping system is needed to get a clean compressed air.

Piping system

The air filter is need to be mounted in the air circulation to ensure that the compressed air is clean.  
Piping system is needed to well distribute of compressed air into the finishing room. Piping system must be properly designed to reduce the possibility of water discharge during the finishing process done. In the piping systems should be provided a place to collect water from water vapor that condenses that called drain valve. The drain vale is need to be open when it fulled with water to release the water in there. Usually we need to oped the drain valve every morning , before start to do finishing work. Also need to be noted that for the air filter will be ineffective if the air was still hot, so air filters should be installed at a distance of at least 25ft (7.5m) from the compressor, when air is cold enough and mostly the water vapor has condensed.

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