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Transportation in the finishing room

In a finishing room, there are a lot of work need to be done. Finishing process such as: spraying, sanding, brushing, etc. are the process that need to be done properly.  The working process and furniture products are need a room to take a place. The product are need to be moved and brought from one place to another when the process is done. To facilitate the finishing process we need a transport equipment to carry and move products in the finishing room. Transportation equipment is becoming more necessary because after a product is sprayed he will be wet by the finishing materials and should not be touched until the finishing layer dry. 
There are many transportation equipments that can be use to help and support the finishing process, from simple equipment such as: turn table, chart, and rack up to an automatic conveyor line for large scale production.


The turntable is an instrument of the most simple yet effective enough to help the process of spraying on furniture product, especially for small but with many items. Turntable is a table with a shaft underneath that make the table can be easily rotated in all directions. This turntable is very useful to assist the spraying process. The staff that need to be sprayed is put on the table and than it can be easily rotated while it is being sprayed. The turntable can be rotated so the sprayer does not need to move around the stuff. He can stay in his place and focus in spraying action.
After the whole surfaces are sprayed, then the products can be taken and placed into a rack to wait it dry.

turn table

Rack is a place to put the goods in the finishing process, especially for small items. After the goods were sprayed with a finishing material, then usually he needs time to let his finishing coat dry. For items that are small and many, rack is the best choice. Rack can hold many items, with less room.


Trolley or chart.

The turntable was very helpful at the time of the spraying process, but it does not help to move the goods that have been sprayed. While the product with wet finish layer need a tool to move it to the drying room. The tool that can be used to better assist the finishing process is a trolley or chart. The chart is equipped with wheels and designed to be easily pulled and rotated in all directions. Goods to be sprayed is placed above trolley and brought in front of spray booth for spraying. After spraying the finished goods can be directly moved and taken to a drying room, without touching the surface of the wet stuff by finishing materials.
Trolley is also more flexible because it can be used to put things bigger. Items such as chairs, cabinets, or tables can be placed on the shelf without any problems. The trolley sizes is be able to be designed depend on the product size.

Finishing line.

To do finishing process in a large volume production, especially in the big furniture factories there are many automatic transportation (finishing conveyor line) available. There are various types of finishing line that can be used for the furniture industry. Selection type of conveyor is based primarily on the finishing process will be done. The calculation of the length of conveyor and conveyor speed is based entirely on the finishing process and the time required each finishing process is done. There are 2 times that need to be calculated, the drying time is the time that needed to let the paint to be dry and the processing time is the time needed to do the process finishing. In the finishing line, the finishing process runs continuously step by step. The products placed on the chart or hung on a hanger which automatically moves through the spray booth, ovens, and the stages where the finishing process is done. Each process of finishing such as spraying, sanding, wiping, brushing, highlighting and others all worked in their places by the operators.

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