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PIKA, a school of furniture maker technology

At this time a special school that provide teaching and education about the wood technology and furniture making is very rare. PIKA is one of the schools of education that focuses on furniture making technologies, and even perhaps the only academic school in Indonesia that provides education in woodworking technologies and techniques of making furniture.
Starting from a small carpentry workshop in 1950, and then proceed with the establishment of a school which provides education about carpentry and furniture making in 1970, PIKA has now developed into an academy education of furniture making which has been widely known as the only school of making furniture in Indonesia. Now there are 2 strata of educational in PIKA, the PIKA Industrial Wood College and The Academic Interior Design and The Academic of Wood Industrial Technology.
Because of his unique curriculum, the PIKA alumni are mostly much needed by the wood and furniture industry in Indonesia. The PIKA graduates are now scattered and absorbed by the furniture industries or other industries relevant. Some of them also develop to be business entrepreneurs in wood or furniture.
The wood-processing technology is one technology that is very beneficial to the society and the state of Indonesia. Forest and wood is one of Indonesia's natural wealth and to explore it requires proper management and technology. If managed properly then the timber industry in Indonesia can develop into a powerful industry. Indonesia's natural environment which is naturally fertile soil and a good place for the growth of tropical forests and the plants will be able to produce sustainable wood products if it is managed properly. This forest is also needed industries that back up him, the industries which can provide added value for the timber. One industry that can provide big added value for wood products is the furniture industry. Especially considering that the potential for the furniture industry in Indonesia is quite big, because now most of the furniture products in developed countries are made and imported from developing countries, including Indonesia.
The Indonesian state has better opportunity as furniture-producing countries because he has some of factors that support it, one of it, is its natural resources such as wood, forest and other sources that available in large amount. Therefore, to capture the opportunities, people here need to master the wood processing technology, especially technology in furniture manufacturing. PIKA could be the right institution to answer about the technology needs of furniture manufacturing in Indonesia.
As an educational institution, PIKA also provides training and education to improve the of the furniture and woodworking industries. Many furniture manufacturer companies invite team from PIKA to provide training to their employees and to improve its production system in furniture-making technology. In addition, together with government industry and trade officer, PIKA also provides training to the craftsmen and small business furniture industries to improve its ability in furniture manufacture technology.
To support his education system PIKA also has a production units. His production units are in addition to a place of production practices and training for his students is also act as a production plant that receives orders of goods or furniture products from anyone need.
At this time PIKA production unit quite busy to make furniture products come from institutions and individuals. PIKA also has a show room at which he can display and market his product. As an education institution PIKA also cooperate with several companies to provide some scholarships for his students. The fact is that some students that go to PIKA are the children who are economically disadvantaged. To help them PIKA provides an opportunity for the person or company who want to share in providing scholarship or donation to help them.
At this time at the age of 30 years PIKA has met the ISO 9000:2001 certification for his production and education system. Along with his alumni PIKA had prepared to give maximum contribution to help improve the quality of life for the society and country.

If you want to know more about PIKA, You can visit his address in:

Jl. Imam Bonjol no.96
Semarang 50139.
Phone: (62-24) 3546460
Fax: (62-24) 3582641.

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