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Teak wood for furniture

Teak wood furniture

Teak wood

Teak wood (tectona grandis) is considered as one of the best wood for woodworking product. Many products such as door, furniture, flooring, decking, door frame, even house frame are using the teak wood. Teak wood is tropical forest tree, he is planted and lot available in South Asia such as Burma, Thailand, Philippine and Indonesia
Teak wood has many superior characters i.e.: easy to be handled, durable, not easily cracked and have the attractive grain and pore looked. The teak wood is containing oil inside that is called teak oil. This oil is make the teak wood is more durable, since it protects the wood. The oil make the insect or other bug does not like to eat the teak wood. Teak wood has also a strong grain pattern with lot and big pores which is very unique and attractive make it’s loved by many peoples.
In Indonesia, teak wood is already very popular used since long time ago. It has been used for many purpose such as: for furniture, house frame, doors and other household products. Now lot of teak wood are currently use to make many exported products such as furniture, flooring parquets, decking or plank of wood for many purposes.
The management of teak forest in Indonesia has been set since the Dutch controlled Indonesia several decades ago. The exploration and replanting systems of the teak wood has been done systematic and well organized by the management of PT Perhutani, the company own by the government continuing the system that was set up by the Dutch.
But in the last 10 years the management of teak wood is much disturbed by the theft and illegal logging. But in the current time with improving governance and supervision system, the illegal logging and timber theft is can be reduced significantly.
Instead of the teak from PT Perhutani, the teak wood in Indonesia is also easy to get from forests or plantations planted by residents. Wood planted by residents is also very widely available and easy to be obtained, especially in Java and Sumatra, because the climate and the land in this area very suitable for cultivation of teak trees.

Teak wood for furniture

Teak wood as a raw material is already known for a long time in Indonesia. Before many people abroad know the teak wood, the teak wood is mainly used for local needs usually for building house and making the household product including furniture. At this moment when many peoples from all over the world like the teak wood, lot teak wood products are exported to fill the worlds markets. The teak wood today is one of the favorite of wood to make outdoor furniture products. Teak wood is considered strong enough to withstand the weather outside. Plus he has a strong grain pattern and the pores which is very attractive and loved by many peoples. This make the teak furniture product have high position in the furniture market. There is also much indoor furniture that uses teak wood as his substrate. The indoor furniture product is also very popular and has premium price

Teak veneer
Since the price of teak wood is getting higher, the furniture manufacturers develop the uses of teak veneer. Although some peoples still prefer the solid teak wood furniture and are willing to pay higher prices, but then more peoples began to receive teak veneer. The price of veneer that is less expensive and the other advantages such as more stable and more variation make the veneer can take place in the wood furniture business. The teak veneer is mostly uses to make a big panel such as top table or side panel or other panels for indoor furniture. For outdoor furniture the teak solid wood still cannot replace by veneer, since the veneer is not strong enough to withstand the outside weather.

Reclaimed teak
With increasing pressure from the green community of the world to reduce illegal logging, now there are demands on furniture products that use reclaimed teak wood. Reclaimed teak is teak wood obtained from the remaining waste of building or other old stuff. This reclaimed wood has many advantages compared with the wood from fresh trees. The reclaimed teak is considered as the more legal wood because it is from the rest of the remaining old buildings that is not from illegal logging. Reclaimed teak wood also has an attractive looked: old, ancient, naturally looked that cannot obtained from the fresh wood. The reclaimed wood also relatively safer in construction, because it was cut and used for a long time and the wood has stabled and less possibility to move. But of course the wood is not  available in big amount. With the increasing demand and the limited sources, the reclaimed wood is increasingly hard to be found and the prices tend to become higher.
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