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Wood finishing

Wood finishing is finishing for wood or wood product. The term wood finishing is very close to the furniture finishing and we often associate furniture finishing with wood finishing. A very reasonable thought since most of the furniture is made from wood. And usually the finishing process for wood furniture is a very important to produce an attractive furniture. Then the wood finishing is very close and identical with furniture finishing.
Instead of to make furniture, wood is a material that can be used for various purposes like: to make house or building, decking, parquet flooring, wall paneling, ply wood, etc. And mostly the wood product requires finishing process. The finishing for each wood product is different depends on the purpose and the shape of the product. 
Finishing for
wood flooring parquet

Wood as a flooring has been known since long time ago. When humans began to build houses, they use wood as main material, they also used wood to make floor. Now lots of materials are used to make building. To make floor there are many material available such as: marble, cement, ceramics, etc. However, still many people are choosing to use wood floors for his home.
The wood floor is made of solid laminated wood or veneer. The solid wood for flooring is usually special wood which has beautiful appearance such as: teak, ulin , merbau, etc.  This wood flooring wood is use in finish condition or without finishing. Some people love to use special wood in unfinished or just simple finish to build his floor. This floor will make more antique or ancient look for his building.
Instead of solid wood, lots of wood floors also made of veneer. Veneer of wood with beautiful grain such as oak, maple, teak, walnut, rosewood teak is glued on a board of laminated wood  is used to make parquet for flooring. This floor is more impressive modern and suitable for modern look building. The veneer flooring parquet usually requires finishing. The finishing for flooring parquet requires a strong coating, more scratch resistant, resistant to chemicals. Since the floor will hold lots of weight and stuff on it. The finishing material often used for parquet flooring is U.V coating. UV coating is considered as the coating which has high resistance is the most suitable material for finishing the wood floor. To find out about the UV coating can view my articles about UV coating. UV coating which is applied with roller coater is suitable for finishing the wood flooring parquet. The roll marks in the UV coating finish that may not be acceptable in other products is acceptable for flooring. The roll mark could be an advantage since it makes the floor is not too slippery. 

Finishing for ply wood 

Plywood is a board made of several thin layers of wood glued together. Plywood is much produced and used for various purposes, such as: to make wall in a room, to make the wall of building, to make house, or to make side panels and top panel to a furniture products. Ply wood is also a flat product, so the finishing is normally done with automated machines. Roller coater is the equipment mostly uses to finish the plywood. As well as flooring parquet, the roll mark is not an issue with the plywood.

Finishing for
wood furniture product 

 Finishing for wood furniture always need a touch of art

Finishing for wood furniture is the most interesting for wood finish. There are o lot of development and variation in techniques of wood furniture finishing. Many finishing material are specially made to furniture finishing. The furniture product is may create the highest added value the wood. In wood furniture, finishing process is a process that is very important to make furniture products which have a high selling value. Furniture products is a fashion product is because it will finish on wood furniture in addition to protecting also serve to give a touch of beauty. Unlike the products of plywood or wood for parquet, wood has many shape and models, so the finishing process can not be done with automatic machines. The process of finishing the wood furniture also needs a touch of art, so some of the wood finishing for furniture are manually.
There are many finishing materials used for wood furniture finishing, ranging from traditional finishing materials such as: oil finish, wax to the modern finishing materials such as many types of coating, stain glaze. There are also available some special materials on the wood furniture finishing to some special effects such as waxing lacquer, veiling lacquer, crackle lacquer, glaze, etc.

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