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Crackle finish in furniture finishing

Crackle finish

The antic finish in the part of wood finishing model now has grown and has many models. Many different techniques and special material have developed to produce many kind of antic effect according to the desired appearance. One of the antic effects that are very popular in the furniture finishing is the crackle finish. Crackle finish is a finish that shows the effect of the broken paint or cracked in the finishing layer. There are many variation and models of crackle finish to be chosen and made in accordance with the finishing looked need. 

Crackle lacquer 
There are many types of paint and variety of finishing techniques can be used to produce a crackle finish. Crackle finish can be made with the: oil paint,  water based coating (latex paint), by using wood glue in the finishing process, and some other finishing techniques. One way to make crackle finish is by using the crackle lacquer material. Crackle lacquer is a type of paint that is specifically designed to produce the crackle finish. When the crackle paint is applied over a surface usually on the sealer or top coat, it will crack by itself when it is dry. This coating is an NC type which is very easy to be handle, quick-drying, easily applied as needed. This type of paint is very suitable to make the crackle finish on a process finishing with NC system wherein all the finishing materials used is NC type.
Crackle lacquer now widely available in stores in various types and brands. This paint is usually found in the form of clear (no color) but it can also be colored by adding pigment to form the desired color. The results obtained crack patterns can be adjusted by control and adjust the application. If the paint is thick applied, the cracks tend obtained in large and big  conversely if the paint was applied thinly so the crack will small. Settings at the crack can also be arranged with the thinner uses. The uses of slow dry thinner will produce a larger crack and the using quick-drying solvent will create small crack pattern.
To produce the more antique looked; the crack effect is usually combined with glaze application. The glaze fills in and coloring the inside of the cracks and crevices to create an attractive looked. 

Here's the one example of finishing step to make crackle finish. 
  1. Stain  1
  2. Sealer
  3. Stain 2
  4. Crackle lacquer
  5. Glaze
  6. Top coat

The first stain was applied to the wood to make underneath color, and it is coated with a sealer. After the sealer then applied with the second color. We used solid color for the first color and the second color. In this finishing process we use 2 different colors to make the appearance more lively crackle. In parts of the cracked the underneath paint with different color will appear to make makes a contrast and attractive looked.
After the second color is dry and then we do the application of the crackle paint. The crackle paint is applied by spray evenly to all surfaces, then left to dry so the paint will form a crack in the surface. Then to add the impression of life breaks into more brush glaze is dry. Glaze will fill the parts that broke and will make it look dirty on the surface, making finishing more antique and life. After that, the last process is the coating with a top coat on it. 

The unfinished wood panel 


The stain 1   application

The stain 2 application

The crackle lacquer application

 The glaze application

The final step color panel

Milk Paint Crackle Finish, Pint

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